DIY Simple Cheap Top Handle for Video DSLR Cameras

Here's a simple way to DIY a Top Handle for your DSLR Video Camera for those low shooting scenes. The hot shoe of these cameras are very capable of mounting this little top handle, but please use common sense as to not overload your setup with bulky rigs. This is mainly a way to carry the camera in it's simplest form. The build is easy and cheap, assembled with common parts you may already have, or find it through the links below.

Giottos Ball Head Top Handle
find-price-button Giottos MIni Ball Head 1/4" 3/8"

The Giottos Mini Ball Head is a native 3/8" mount, so you can get a 3/8" adapter, or use the reducer to 1/4" (comes with ball head) and use a 1/4" hot shoe adapter (click here).

Hot Shoe Adapter 3-8 Cold Shoe1-4 shoe adapter
find-price-button Hot Shoe Adapter 3/8 or 1/4 Screw

These handles are all metal, knurled finish for grip, and you can actually stack them together if you want it to be very long. They come in a variety of colors if you want to spice up your aesthetics (click here).

Camera Grip Top Handle DIYTop Handle camera gripTop Hanlde
find-price-button DSLR Video Camera Handle 1/4

19 thoughts on “DIY Simple Cheap Top Handle for Video DSLR Cameras

  1. hey - great tip and have found the bits i need apart from the linking coupler piece. you forgot to add the buy link for that part

    i have searched all over and cannot find it on ebay or even on internet. is there another name for this and anyone with any link on ebay?

  2. Thanks, great advice. Used it today with a modification:

    Used a small sturdy arm (cineroid arm, very well made) - it holds better than the small ball head, in my opinion. Than used this Z96 handle someone already suggested here (male and female 1/4 threads on opposing sides), and then attached my dp4 via the supplied dp4 ball head (it has 1/4 female thread in the base).

    Was running around with kids playing soccer and taking low angle shots tracking the ball - and it felt great and sturdy all day. This thing indeed could take some serious shaking.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @J - Its part of the hot shoe adapters. Check the listings available on the shoe adapters.

  4. Cool concept, thanks for the tip. Meanwhile, I just tried using one of these for the handle, and it worked great:

    The bottom belt hook unscrews, leaving a 1/4" female connection. It's longer, wider, and softer than the metal handle, and has a nice indented handgrip. And of course it can also be used for its original purpose--handholding lights, flashes, cameras, etc.

  5. Tom

    I agree with Jake Hale....

    Tried this with a T2i, 17-55mm, and nothing else (no rig). Used it for a while, must have gotten loose over the week I used it for.. because it snapped right off and camera went straight into the grass.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @pao - It is an industry standard 15mm rig so any top handle kit will work for dslr rigs. I will try to show a few options.

  7. Jake Hale

    hey not to be the debby downer here but i actually had been using this for a while and it worked great but then one day when i was filming the actual screw that is the bottom of the hotshoe attachment broke almost killing my 60d, thankfully i had my strap wrapped around my hand. Its a brilliant idea, but never the less i don't suggest this method.

  8. Dillon Ray

    What about, somehow, DIY-attaching a top handle to that Photography and Cinema shoulder rig? Could you show how to do that too?

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