DIY Scrim Jim Cine Frame Open Gel Frame Flag Diffuser Bounce

I'm not sure how many people work with Open Frames (a.k.a Scrim Jim Frames, Cine Frames, 4x4 Frames, etc.), but it's a handy bit of kit when you need to setup diffusion, a bounce, flag a light, or to hold a gel away from hot light(s). There's a million creative things you can do with these open frames, but many portable kits are going to run you hundreds of dollars.

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Now obviously you're reading this because you don't want to spend a ton of money. So here's a simple idea you can use to build some simple frames (without tools) and can be found at your local hardware store. Just look for the aisle that carries Aluminum Window Screen or Aluminum Door Screen Kits.

You can get them in practically any size and some very large sizes. The channels are aluminum which can easily be cut down for custom sizes with a basic hacksaw. These kits are perfect as they use special 'corner adapters' that are designed to fit tightly into specially formed aluminum channels.

diy scrim jim frame open gel mount gel holder frame scrim diffuser

These ready made custom corner adapters make them ideal for use as a kit with quick assembly and disassembly of an open frame. I believe you can find 4x4 kits for under $15 bucks and not only do they work great, but they are super lightweight, and I think they look a bit more professional than pvc or wood. The flat tubing makes them easy to clamp to with little binder clips, C47s, etc.

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VIEW-ITEM Aluminum Window Door Screen Frame Kit

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15 thoughts on “DIY Scrim Jim Cine Frame Open Gel Frame Flag Diffuser Bounce

  1. I made a couple of these but found that they bent and warped when I stretched some diffusion material over them. How are you able to keep the frames flat?

  2. Post author

    @James Anderson - Not easy to find those sizes, I typically end up buying the full rolls which cost over $100 dollars. Maybe someone should buy rolls, cut them up and sell pieces.

  3. Post author

    @Tim de la Torre - Sure you can use a grip head too, but I guess it's easy to bend this metal, so it's something you'll have to try to know what will work best for you. Even taping it to a stand or using velcro is possible as it's pretty lightweight.

  4. Tim de la Torre

    Wouldn't a grip head hold the frame? Or would it be too easy to over-tighten and bend the frame?

  5. hey Emm, great post. I like the mobility of the frames. If you want to go even cheaper with the clamp you could use two superclamp mini clones from ebay and a small magic arm (for a total of $20-25 with free shipping). I have those laying around so I will test the whole thing soon.

  6. Post author

    @Leon - Sorry, I updated the link to (or use this httpss:// ). The gel I have is from a huge roll, pretty expensive stuff as you have to buy the whole roll.

  7. Emm: Great Idea! Where can we get the Clamp? 9Solutions lists you as a re seller, but No links to buy. Also whats the price of the clamp? Also where do you get Gel material in small rolls similar to what your using in your video. I think many will put this to great use!

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