DIY PVC Blimp Travel Case

If you're stepping up your audio game and getting into 'Blimps', here's a clever DIY tutorial from Vimeo member HDSLR GEAR to create a nice PVC travel case. Blimps are special housings that will add an additional layer of wind protection to your microphones compared to just the dead cat windscreens. Here Joel is showing the Rode Blimp. [Thanks Joel].
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4 thoughts on “DIY PVC Blimp Travel Case

  1. Tom

    I saw someone who made one of these and it was HEAVY and bulky as heck.

    I just spent an hour in Lowes looking for supplies to make my own boom blimp case for my Rycote fuzzy blimp. I ended up going with 4" drainage pipe, the kind you bury beneath your gutter downspout with the ribs... it was just a bit wider inside than the 4" PVC sewage drain pipe which was the only other choice. The lighter weight is easier to work with and carry around too.

    BTW yes if you want 6" pipe you will have to go to a specialty store as the big box places won't have it.

    I didn't bother protecting the handle... I figure the whole idea is to keep the blimp itself from getting crushed during transport. I don't need to protect it from nuclear blasts.

  2. Scott

    Pretty cool idea, and looks like it would not be to expensive to make. Not crazy about pvc diy stuff, but this might be an exception.

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