DIY ETTL Flash Cable Extension

So you want to move your flash off camera? Sure you can use inexpensive wireless triggers, but the biggest drawback to moving a flash off camera, is losing ETTL communication and High Speed Sync. Unless of course you're shelling out some serious cash for a wireless remote system like Radio Poppers to supports this. YouTube member Matthewrichey created a video showing you how to take basic Cat5 cables and connectors to modify those short off camera flash cables giving them variable length.

Although he took the time to make a video showing you what the end result could look like, this is not his original idea. You'll find people were doing this several years ago, and there's some instructional step by step info over at (here).

Some event Photographers run with a Flash on top of a Monopod, so they can bring it up high or move it around before snapping a picture. To keep communication between the camera so you can adjust flash compensation, this technique would require several feet of cable. If you're not the DIY type, you could just check out some of the existing 33ft (10 meter) long cords available for not much more than $30 bucks, saving you from buying an expensive set of Radio Poppers (and not having to worry about batteries for the triggers).

find-price-button Pixel Super Long 33ft 10 Meter E-TTL Off-Camera Flash Sync Cord for Canon

8 thoughts on “DIY ETTL Flash Cable Extension

  1. @Antonin, Thanks will take a look at UTP cables.

    @Emm, Thanks!
    I looked around and don't seem to find the uncoiled, any luck with a link? Thanks!

    @Rob S.
    Yeah I was reading some horror stories of cheap wire over firing and frying the flash head or worst the hot shoe, I remember blowing up some PC sync flashes back in High School with film cameras and it was an expensive fix, can only imagine a DSLR mother board going belly up. I times its best to spend a bit more.

    Thanks for the input, will take a look at those as well, I have a couple of wireless units but at times wired is the way to go.

  2. Rob S.

    @Serge if yo end up buying a sync cable, don't go too cheap. The insulation on the cheap ones separate and break after some use. I've had two break this way. My latest is a Vello cable that I bought through B&H. Considerably cheaper than the Canon or Nikon made cable but really good so far. Seems well made.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - There are some longer ones available (uncoiled). I like the coiled ones when just holding the flash off to the side by hand using a monopod.

  4. It is quite funny what people create videos about 🙂 Anyway, I recommend to use UTP cables, I made couple of my flash cords for Canon flashes and UTP is cheap, available in virtually any length and works really well.

  5. Being coiled could mean it will extended when stretch up to 33 feet. I remember my Grandma's phone would go from room to room while she was cleaning and cooking but then it would shorten back when she hung up the phone.

    Is this an actual 33 foot cable or extends to 33 feet?
    Would gate to tip a light stand over with a 580ex 2. and having to bring sand bags defeats the purpose of being portable.
    anyone can shine some light on these?
    I was going to place an order but will wait to see who has had any luck with these.

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