DIY DSLR Cage from Light Tent

Ready for a sweet little DIY DSLR Cage? Submitted by Andy Clancy, this cage was put together from an off the shelf light tent kit and a cheese style plate. The main part of the cage originally was a light tent for small product photography. A few bike styled handles on the rails, and the rest should be pretty easy to figure out.


The rails look to be aluminum and can probably be cut down to just about any size camera you own (including small GH2 shooters). Just by looking at how this guy is put together, it looks super light weight, adds tons of ways to stabilize a handheld shot, ability to get some really low shots, and tons of piping to drill mounts or add some cold shoe adapters for accessories (like a monitor). [Thanks Andy]

Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.51.57 AM
find-price-button Product Photography Light Tent

The second part for the 'baseplate' was from a Glidecam Camera Weight (Cheese) Plate.

Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.51.42 AM
find-price-button Glidecam Weight Plate

4 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Cage from Light Tent

  1. andy clancy

    Thank you
    I have at last found a way (that I am happy with)to mount a monitor.
    I reversed one of the bolts that hold the top handle. Then attached the small ball head that came with my lilliput 7in lcd.
    I have also made use of a ryobi 12v lithium power pack
    ( Thank you which is very light and compact. I am working out mounting options.

    I will be creating a updated video soon, once I iron out the kinks.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  2. ryan

    @ andy

    I'm guessing you made this. This is awesome. please put up a video, diy instructions, everything ASAP! not too be pushy 🙂 this is just really great looking.

  3. Andy

    I will try to add video and more info when I can.
    It was very easy to put together. I cut pipe by using a compound electric saw, but I think a regular pipe cutter would do the trick. The cage is very light and solid.
    I will be happy to answer questions and also be interested in any suggestions or feedback.

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