DIY Cable Cam Prototype Test

I learned my lesson since the first time we tested this thing out. This time we're testing her out without a camera mounted. The new wireless system solved the previous problem of us losing control (interference). A few more parts were changed out and the Pan / Tilt head was added. It's a bit of a Frankenstein project right now, but once we figure out where everything fits best, and get everything fine tuned, it will be redesigned again, and have a new body. Time to take her out to the park today. Coyote Point may be our first destination..

13 thoughts on “DIY Cable Cam Prototype Test

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @videoguy2009 - Still toying around with design changes, nothing serious at this point as far as updates. We still need the prototype for the motors, servos, etc.

  2. videoguy2009

    Any update on this project Emm? I really would like to buy a cable cam. Want to sell your prototype? haha

  3. David Aronson

    A tip, add some weight above the wheels. If you have all of the weight below the wheels, then the "pendulum" effect will be very prominent. Think of it like a Steadicam Sled. If the sled is very bottom heavy, if makes it really hard to use. Also, using either steel cable or Vectran rope will reduce the bouncing over long runs.

  4. Brad Justinen

    Amazing. I bet if the two rollers were spread out farther it would be less jerky during start and stop.

  5. terry

    Ditto what these guys said. I want to buy a finished product. Let me know when it's available! All hail Emm! All hail Emm!

  6. Interesting. Looks like there is some up and down bounce. Perhaps it won't show up in the footage due to the cameras weight. Idk, only testing will show. Great work, looking good so far.

    Is this hurting the pockets or is it relatively cheap?

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