DIY Adjustable Ladder Type Dolly New Mods

Future mods on the J.G. Pasterjak's DIY ladder type dolly make it much more functional than before. The new materials used to assemble the dolly allows for it to be used on flat surfaces (when flipped upside down), or on a variety of track widths. The ladder dolly design allows you to use almost anything for tracks such as two conduit pipes, two square tubes, or even one solid wooden plank (as seen in the video). Personally I really like this design, as it's still a DIY, but has a much more professional look to the build. The extra heavy bars probably add more stability to the rig too. J.G. Pasterjak mentioned that these units might soon be available on the big auction website, so stay tuned for that. [Thanks J.G. Keep us posted on those units]

10 thoughts on “DIY Adjustable Ladder Type Dolly New Mods

  1. Bear Brown

    Just got my Cinemover and my students are already thinking of places to rig it.Wanna try some upside down or overhead rigging!!!

  2. Dan

    Starboard looks cool, but it looks like it gets a bit pricey. Although it's white, which really isn't a big deal, how would look think a standard plastic cutting board would hold up? They're super cheap and less material for those who are only making one of these.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Marceo - This is a track dolly, not a table dolly. The four wheel ones can rotate in circles, but are limited when used with a track. I can tell you that from the steel bars being used on the ladder dolly, it's pretty solid. You could of course make one yourself following a few directions.

  4. Tony Maceo

    I just looked on ebay and everybody and the daddy must be making these. I see a lot of 4-wheel skater dolly-type. How is this 8-wheeler better or different?

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  6. J.G. Pasterjak

    It's simple and effective, and uses fairly common parts, and that's what I like about it. There's a few features I've tried to engineer into it, but it's tough without adding needless complication or time-consuming custom machining.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  7. worldbfree

    I have to admit this is darn clever and the price is very reasonable. I'd be surprised if this particular build doesn't catch on like wildfire. It looks attractive too. If Kessler, Zacuto or Jag came up with something so clever they'd sell it $8000 + $2000 shipping.

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