Digislider Time Lapse Premium Kit – Product Giveaway

If you've caught a bit about the DigiSlider Time Lapse Kit here on the blog, well here's your opportunity to register for a chance to get one FREE (open to international too). DigiSlider is offering up one of their Premium Kits which includes a Digislider, Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller (for stop-move-stop (non-continuous motion), Slow Motor, and a AA battery Case to power everything. All you need is a tripod head and a camera and you are ready to go.

HDR Time Lapse

Vertical TimeLapse

Remember that this is not your average motorized video slider limited to only continuous movement, but a slider with the capability of doing Shoot-Move-Shoot function for advanced Time Lapse photography.

To watch the video and get a bit more information, check out the DigiSlider Premium Time Lapse Kit Product Giveaway page (click here).

Digislider Giveaway Motorized Slider
Register Digislider Time Lapse Premium Kit - Product Giveaway

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  1. McLaren

    Another Swivex , open only to residents of the US.
    Surely, there is another company who can offer the same service to an international audience.

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