DIGISLIDER 2 Axis Auto-Pan Video TimeLapse Stop Motion Slider

If you're looking for a super lightweight affordable motorized Time Lapse slider, here's an interesting Motorized 2-Axis Auto Panning Slider that was sent over from DigiSlider. The Auto-panning addition allows the slider to keep a subject in the center of your frame while in motion. Here's a video overview and a short Time Lapse sample towards the end of the video.

Unlike a basic motorized slider that has moves constantly, the DigiSlider Controller can be setup for true shoot-move-shoot settings. This allows you to work with long exposures as you can configure the slider to wait to move until your camera is done firing - preventing blurry images.

It's also possible to use the DigiSlider 2-Axis as a real time Auto Panning (parallax) video slider, and you can dial in different speed settings. But keep in mind that there is audible noise from the motor so it may not work well for interview settings or where audio is critical.

The design of the Auto Panning option is clever as it doesn't require a motor like other 2 or 3 Axis Motorized Sliders. This makes it very fast and simple to setup, but this design is also limited how far you can Pan the camera inwards to keep a subject in frame. Your subject cannot be too close for Auto Panning to work effectively (angle would be too great).

Also, keep in mind that this slider is setup with a motor and belt drive, so you cannot move it manually by hand. To move the slider it has to be connected to the Controller. Unless of course if you disconnect the belt drive using a basic hex tool, then you can use the slider by hand for times you don't need the motor, and you will still have full access to the Auto Panning feature.

DigiSlider offers a number of different Time Lapse and Motion Control Solutions, and for more information about this product, check out their website https://www.DigiSldier.co.uk (link)

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8 thoughts on “DIGISLIDER 2 Axis Auto-Pan Video TimeLapse Stop Motion Slider

  1. Post author

    @RG - Yes of course. I know many of us want a tool that does everything, really this is only advertised as a Time Lapse slider for still photos.

  2. Post author

    @Todd Ofenbeck - No it does not automatically change direction. You have to use the joystick, but once you hit the direction you don't have to hold the joystick. You set the speed, choose the direction, and let it go to the end.

  3. Todd Ofenbeck


    In video mode does this slider automatically change directions at each end of the slide or do you manually have to change direction with the joystick? Thanks!

  4. Post author

    @Bill - Yes there was a shotgun mic right above me. Placing it further away would be 'less' but I think it would still be audible.

  5. Bill

    Great product. The sound wasn't awful, and it appeared you were using an overhead mic with the slider directly below it. Do you think placing it away from your subject at a normal camera posiition would mitigate a lot of the motor noise?

  6. Kristoff

    Hi Emm,

    - Does it sometimes wobble during auto-pan?
    - Can it provide stable multiple-pass video mode for fx shots
    - Would you recommend this?

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