Design changes for 600 LED Light Panels?

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Thanks to Rod for sending this in. It looks like there's a new design change around the 600 LED lights, but so far I haven't seen the same for the 900 or 1200 panels. Still runs on AC or optional V-Mount battery, they state it's a new model and sports a slightly more rounded chassis at the edges. It looks like they have a small carry handle built in to the rear / top, and another noticeable change is the addition of a Wireless Remote that can control up to 4 different LED lights (or groups?) when set to A, B, C, or D. I could sure use something like that for the ones I have hanging from the Studio ceiling.

The older style 600 LED Video Light Panels over at Amazon (seen here) still list for about $350 bucks. I'm guessing this price won't last very long after this post as these new ones on eBay right now start at $250 + Free Shipping (Click Here)

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  1. I noticed that no one had posted a review of the quality of light yet. Ya'll may know a lot of this already since it's been a few months since the post, but I wanted to put it out there just in case. I just purchased one of these new model 600's along side one of the dimmable 500s, both ePhoto branded, both from Amazon.

    I paid $200 for the 600, with barn doors, and $160 for the 500. I lucked out since the barn door model 600s usually sell for $230, and the one I thought I ordered came without.

    I never had the older lights, these are my first LED panels (besides one of the tiny 160s). I've used Lite Panels several times on documentary and ENG shoots, so that's my only basis for judgement.

    I set the 600 up side by side with the 500. Using only the eye test, the 600 set at full gave me close to 1 extra stop of light, eg., I got a similar exposure with f4 on the 600 that I got at f2.8 on the 500.

    I was very worried about the coloring, knowing LEDs have a greenish cast, though CRI judges the full spectrum and not just RGB. Honestly, I didn't notice anything glaring using the eye test, though have yet to look at my test shots through a vectroscope. Skin tones looked natural. All the bulbs in my house are daylight (mix of 5000k-5600k) and the AWB on my camera did a bang up job.

    I was shooting with an EOS-M, auto WB, with a Canon 35mm f1.4. It's a familiar sensor for me (having shot with the T2i and 7D many years) and nothing leapt out at me as glaringly awful. I have some Lee 1/2 Minus Green on order to test side by side later this week. But I have a good feeling about these, especially considering more expensive lights have a similar CRI (which isn't everything).

    Without having a chance to get visuals yet (I literally just did this test right before this post) I liked what I saw. Specifically:

    -A lot of light in a small package. It is hard though. Not sure of the beam angle, but definitely keep some diffusion around. It's a much better light cranked up and diffused than it is dialed down. We take these dimmers for granted, but most professional lights don't have built in dimmers, so it's best to be prepared to treat this like a more classic hot light.

    -Build is sold. It's not all metal, granted, but I've seen a Lite Panel knocked over up on a 7 foot stand and guess what? It broke. Construction doesn't seem shoddy out of the box, and is fairly seamless.

    -It has a power switch. This is a little thing, but I like being able to kill the light completely.

    -The dimmer steps nicely. The dimmer on my 500 doesn't switch on until about the 4th notch, and then sort of leaps up exponentially. The dimmer on this 600 starts at about 10% and dials up nicely. Not Kino nicely, but for the price of a Kino ballast alone, I'd say it works just fine.

    -Very lightweight. Probably partly the plastic housing, but this is a lot less heavy than a Lite Panels in a practical sense. Eg, if I needed someone to Hollywood this thing, they wouldn't want to punch me after the 10th take.

    -Of course, add a V mount battery and that all goes away, which it does have. I don't have any V mount batteries to test the plate, and that wasn't a big selling point for me because of how expensive they are, but it's a nice touch.

    -Barn doors (what I Like): they protect the diodes when folded in, are aluminum, and feel very solid. A nice touch. Great for attaching gels.

    A few things I didn't like:

    -Power is supplied via a simple 5mm DC jack. A little gaff tape and some velcro will keep it secured, but it isn't robust enough for my tastes. On the other hand, it'll be easy to replace if need be.

    -Barn doors (what I don't like): lots of light spill. Blackwrap is a cheap fix, but these seem like they're more for show than use.

    -I LOVE having a yolk, but I can't tell the construction of this one. It's either cast aluminum or aluminum with a powder coating. If it's cast aluminum, it'll break sooner rather than later. I'm leaning towards powder coated aluminum (hoping anyway).

    Quality to cost wise, this light is fine. Again, I have no prior experience with the previous models, but I'm overall happy with this one. If I only use it for two or three jobs (I purchased it specifically for interviews), it'll pay for itself. Judging by looks alone, I think it's just a rehoused version, but it is significantly more powerful than the 500 I purchased for just $40 less.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions if anyone has them. I'll be running some tests over the next few days (flicker, more in depth color balance, etc.) and would be happy to answer whatever I can.

  2. Joe Rodriguez

    Awesome Rod. Just awesome. Looking forward to your review. Please address luminosity in it.

    If you have 4 600s then, you could setup up what Litepanels calls 2x2. With a special U bracket, you can put all four lights on a C Stand (hence 2x2). Don't know if you want to or need to but just letting you know that was an option.
    Look for the U bracket at the following link. Seller has told me price is USD $8 plus shipping:

    Loved the Pelican case as well.

    @David - Alibaba seller quoted me two 900s for $860 including shipping. I guess your deal is best although I'm going to bargain with them.

  3. Ohhh...I also received some questions on the case I was using to transport these. It is the Pelican 1650. It's a huuuge case, but it allows me to carry everything in one. Here are a few pics..

    Bottom level holds two light stands, the wireless receivers, and power bricks. In the middle there is still room for the Tekkeon batteries.

    Top level holds the lights.

    Alternate view.

  4. Sorry guys, but I am headed out of town for the weekend and won't be able to post a review until early next week. But, I thought I would share a few pics with the older and newer generation side by side...

    Overhead shot, footprint is smaller. Looks like they were able to do this by placing the LED's closer.

    Side shot..


    Wireless receiver and remote..

    Also, I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged in the wireless receiver into the older panel, I was able to wireless dim with the remote no problem. So, if we are able to track down the wireless receivers, and you have four lights light I do, 2 old, 2 new, should be able to control all four with the one remote.

    Lastly, I have not had a chance to test any difference in light quality.

    I hope this helps, and I will be sure to send me video review to Emm next week to post.


  5. @Joe yeah for $250 you can't go wrong. I'll be surprised if anything is different from the other 600s besides the body - I don't know what emm is talking about with wireless remote.

  6. Joe Rodriguez

    @David - I agree. For the 900s, $400x2 is the best price. The luminance is a big factor but we both agree that pricing wise, this so called "new design" is a better investment than the old design CN600s.

    @Simon - Do you know a good seller, store? The problem with Alibaba is the sellers need to be reviewed. Some will send you crap, others will send you what you're expecting. This experience I know from buying iPhone covers.

  7. @Joe -ephoto sells the same 900s for $450 each and are out of stock so I think $400 each is pretty good.. Also, 2 900s have slightly more/same luminance than 3 600s (as far as I can tell from the specs at studiofotolite depending on where they're positioned).

    They'll serve me better with more power in only 2 units. Then I can use my fotodiox 508 as a backlight. I don't mind spending a little more for the non-plastic body.

  8. Joe Rodriguez

    @ David That pricing is not that great. 3 of these 600s are cheaper than 2 of the 900s ($750 versus $800).

    I hope Rod reviews them. The key is in the luminance. I bet 3 600s> 2 900s

  9. Jonas

    Rod, would be great if you could give your impressions once you get them. Im also keen to know if the color cast of the old 600 is improved or not. Much appreciated.

  10. All these auctions keep stating wireless remote but I have yet to find an image of the wireless one. they just show it wired.

    I tried placing an order for 2 at 250 with free shipping but after reading the auction some are asking for more money for other parts, read read read!

    "-Cable Dimmer for light output adjustment (1.5m) is not include ,If you need it,have to add 9$
    -Stands is not include,if you want it,have to add $30(220cm. longest) for each one."

  11. Aaron

    I have been using tungsten light as my hard light to light the green screen and use the in combo with gels to soften/change color of the light. They work great but are so "HOT"! I don't know much about LED lights...could this 600 LED panel replace some or possibly all of the functionality of my tungsten light?

  12. I have the 2 of the last generation as well. I am curious if the wireless remote will work on them. That would be nice if they do. If I can find the wireless adapter that goes into the back of the light panel, separately, I would think, one remote could control the older and new generation lights at the same time.

  13. Dollar Bob

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Personally, I'm glad I got the last generation of LED lights. The plastic cover on the back of these new lights does not look as durable, and it looks like the new design may have added ~30mm to the unit's depth.

  14. Thanks for posting Emm. Another small change is the filters are now slid in from the top, instead of the side. I ordered 2 a week ago, I will let you know how the wireless works out.

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