Delkin (minor) Upgrade SensorScope Cleaning Kit

You've spent hours traveling to a location, unpack your gear, and build your set. You've got a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of equipment, crew, and talent waiting around, and then a tiny tiny spec of dust on your sensor puts your entire project to a halt. Scary right? There's always that possibility. You should always take great care when cleaning your sensors or trust a certified location to do so. All it takes is to follow directions carefully and start with using the right tools like Delkin's patented sensor cleaning system.

Delkin SensorScope LED Light

This is an old video (above), but Delkin's SensorScope kit has been upgraded with two new components added to the arsenal of cleaning tools. The new 'SensorScope2' kit partnered with respected manufacturer LensPen® resulted in a custom designed polishing and edging tool inspired by DSLR camera technicians. The SensorPen™ features a non-carbon triangular tip for cleaning the edges of the sensor and polishing the sensor surface, as well as a slide out soft DSLR body brush that safely removes dust and debris from the camera body. You can find the kit via B&HPhoto (click here), or find the Delkin and other Sensor Cleaning kits via Amazon (click here).

Delkin Sensor Cleaning Kit
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2 thoughts on “Delkin (minor) Upgrade SensorScope Cleaning Kit

  1. SkunkWorks

    When you take your body in for a pro sensor cleaning this is all they're doing, using a sensor pen and charging you 40 bucks (or more).

    You're not actually touching the bare sensor, just the protector on top of it... so it's supposedly pretty safe if you follow directions and do it properly.

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