D-Fuse – Quick Simple Universal Instant Pop Up LED Light Panel Softbox

When you're looking for effective light diffusion while keeping things simple and fast check out the new D-Fuse Instant Pop Up Softbox for LED light panels. Like many softbox kits, the D-Fuse uses rods to create a structure and hold the diffusing material a distance away from the source. Using a unique (patent pending) design, the length of the rods found at each corner setup and break apart through strong Magnets, and the rods remain as part of the Softbox when folded up. No no loose parts to lose or misplace!

I highly suggest diffusers like this for anyone using LED Light Panels during interviews that are facing directly towards your subject. Bare LED Bulbs are pretty hard on the eyes, and the last thing you want is your subject squinting or ending up with a headache. You'll immediately see a difference in how soft the shadows are which is also more flattering for many subjects.


The current D-Fuse Pop Up Softbox for LED Light Panels is designed for popular 1x1 LED Panels, but they will be releasing additional sizes and adapters to fit other popular sized LED Panels as well. But seeing how it's mostly a Velcro fit, i'm sure this current version can easily be modified to use with just about anything if you can't wait for the other sizes to become available.

This is a brand new product. Right now there's a special introductory price (limited time / limited QTY), and an even better deal if you choose a 3pc combo pack. You can find the new D-Fuse Instant Pop Up LED Light Panel Softboxes over at PNCGear.com (click here).

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30 thoughts on “D-Fuse – Quick Simple Universal Instant Pop Up LED Light Panel Softbox

  1. I just received my set today. Excited to pop it onto my F&V R300s. They don't quite fit, but with some finessing, you can get them to stay on for casual use. I'll have to figure out a way of securing them better, but they do work well. Great little design! Here's a SUPER quick shot I took using it. I'm waaay more comfortable behind the camera. LOL


  2. Post author

    @Kelly - LED panels don't generate as much heat. Gotta be careful about enclosing fresnels. For fresnels it's probably better to stand a frame and shoot through it.

  3. M K

    Received D-Fuse today, nicely made but not big enough for a Litepanels 1x1; the light covers the Velcro attachment strips, the straps are too short and the window/opening only lets 75% of the light beam out. Guess it's going back and I'll wait for the next size up to come out, unless I'm missing something. Support hasn't gotten back yet.

  4. Post author

    @Kevin - Yes this will be easier and it focuses the light with no spill. It's also less dense so maybe as not much light loss as the original ones.

  5. Kevin

    Just ordered 3 for my F&V lights. I have the milk diffusion filters that came with them, but they are a pain to screw on and off for every shoot. These soft boxes also sit farther away from the LED bulbs and have a larger surface area so I expect the light to be even softer than the milk diffusion filters (which honestly I like from a diffusion perspective, they are just a pain to attach).

  6. John

    Will be getting this for my Amaran 672s lights. The opening might be wider than the light but I'm sure I can simply modify it. I like the fast set-up compared to the soft box made by Amaran. Thanks for the great website!

  7. Post author

    @John - Yes gride attachment and many other modifiers coming very soon too. A full line of instant pop up light modifiers.

  8. John

    Any word whether they'll come out with a grid attachment as an accessory? Take care!

  9. Hmm.. I'm also wondering if they'd work well for an R300 F&V round ring type light. As with any diffuser, it'll cut out some light power, but may be ok.

  10. Post author

    @Sean - Just got news they already have one for the Lightstorm lights. Gonna be a few weeks. I'll share images when I get it.

  11. Post author

    @Apostolos - This diffuser will be a huge difference from bare leds. It's probably as soft as you need without cutting down the overall output too nuch.

  12. Emm, yes, that's what I meant. To be honest, I've never used softboxes with LEDs, only with strobes for stills, so I don't know what I'll get from these. I'm just wondering if these, practical as they may be, they'd still be a bit on the harsh side for an interview.

  13. Sean

    These look good. Wonder if there is any chance they will fit an Aputure Lightstorm.

  14. Post author

    @Apostolos - For a 1x1, I don't know if it can 'soften even more'. Do you mean a box that is larger in overall dimension? I mean you could just use a scrim on a frame and place it in front of the light and shoot through it.

  15. Hey Emm, these look good and I'll probably pick up a set for their quick deployment. Do you know of any other softboxes that would go over LED lights, let's say this basic size of 600 LEDs, or 1x1s, or the Aputure 672? And I mean something that might have a bit more distance between the LEDs and the baffle, to soften the light even more?

  16. Post author

    @Hogo - This is their first product of this kind, so i'm sure with enough feedback the product line would expand.

  17. Rob S.

    Pretty cool. I've been waiting for something like this. I hate using speed rings. Now if only these companies would make the box much bigger. Everybody seems to make them barely bigger than the light they're modifying. I'm sure this helps somewhat but bigger would be much better.

  18. Post author

    @Mowoco - I'm not around my lights right now. Can you measure that light width and height? Even if it doesn't fit, a strip of velcro from Home Depot should make it work fine. Just need to run a strip over the back window so it's not as big.

  19. Post author

    @Stephen - Well a general rule is 'the larger the light source, the softer the light'. Setting the material further allows the light to fill up the entire box edge to edge so it creates a larger panel of light.

    If you placed material directly over a small light, you're diffusing the light, but not creating a completely large light panel. So if you see those gigantic softboxes (like in flash photography), they have to be placed a certain distance away from the source so that the light can completely fill it up edge to edge.

    Take a look at the image below. I placed a scrim at the exact distance so the spotlight hits the edges without spilling over. This is effective for very hot lights that could burn through your material, but it doesn't contain the light as much as a softbox would and you'll get a lot of bounce. And that setup requires some extra mounting hardware and stands.

    Fotodiox Scrim over Arri 2K

    These D-Fuse softboxes are a nice quick simple solution for LED panels when you want to diffuse but not spill light everywhere.

  20. Just bought two! Quick random question for anyone reading this, somewhat related but kinda not. Does the distance of the diffuser from the LED panel affect the softness or anything about the light? I'm using westcott flex lights and they came with these "softbox" attachments, but the box is so shallow the diffuser is just inches from the light. Would having a larger box with diffuser further away help soften the light even more?

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