New Craft Module for Edelkrone Slider PLUS+ v2 & PRO

Edelkrone has released another video showing off the latest Module addition compatible with the Slider PLUS+ v2 or Slider PLUS+ Pro. The new Craft Module allows you to achieve Time-Lapse, Stop Motion and Macro Slide Shots easily.

Combined with their unique SliderPlus+ design, these all add up to some very handy features packed into such a small form factor. The new Craft Module is listed at $699 (without slider). For more information about Edelkrone products, check out the website at

Edelkrone Craft Module for SliderPLUS+ v2 and PRO

14 thoughts on “New Craft Module for Edelkrone Slider PLUS+ v2 & PRO

  1. Like pepe said it would be wise for them to focus on serving their existing customers. I have been waiting for the motion control module for five weeks now and after I contacted them to find out where we were in the shipping process, they were nice enough to respond and inform me that "...we will be receiving our shipment from our manufacturers in Turkey in two weeks. We will ship it to you as soon as we get it." So basically, while R&D is charging forward they are doing an extremely poor job managing their supply chain and ticking off customers who are basically just funding this new development. So annoying to see them focused on marketing but not customer service!

    I have a big project next weekend and really need motion control, so I am planning to use my Konova slider and should have what appears to be a better (albeit more complex) motion controller ( in hand by Thursday.

  2. Hello David,

    We understand your concerns. You could find independent reviews of edelkrone SliderPLUS from the page of SliderPLUS V2 from independent reviews section. We hope this will help you out while making decision.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime via [email protected]

    - İnanç from edelkrone

  3. Alex

    Here's my opinion of their products: I really WANT TO LOVE THEM. I really do. They are so well made, so well designed, built like tanks. I really want to love them. But I've owned both the old and new version of the slider as well as the follow focus and a pocket rig. And I've had problems with every single one. Things come loose, things wobble, you have to change this belt, belt is too tight, belt is the old version, etc, etc. I've just now found a problem with the new version of the slider where although the slider seems to be smooth as silk, all of my footage from a recent trip is wobbly. I'm about to give up on these guys. Like I said, I really want to love this stuff. There is no one designing stuff like this. I just wish that it worked better. Alex

  4. This looks amazing, but I have seen sooo many less the stellar reviews about the slider itself I am gun shy about buying one. I am in need of a new slider and I like size and features of the motion controls but again the online reviews of the slider I have seen from customers have me worried. I have been leaning toward the kessler stealth carbon but their motion controls are not as portable as the one shown in this post.

  5. Hello Arturo,

    We understand your concerns however it could not be provided by only changing the Softwares inside, these softwares also require different types of motors so different motors used inside Wizard Motion Control Module and Craft Module. Which makes them different modules at all.

    If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime via [email protected]

    - İnanç from edelkrone

  6. Hello Clem,

    Yes you are right that you could use Wizard Motion Control Module for Real-Time Slider shots and the Craft Module is for Time-Lapses and Stop Motion Shots and Macro Slide Shots.

    If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime via [email protected]

    - İnanç from edelkrone

  7. Arturo

    It should be capable of doing real-time sliding, it is all about the software, but of course they will not make this happen. they wanna force you to buy both modules, all they want is to make more money. check the new system from cinetics!

  8. Clem

    Does this make the Wizard Module obsolete? Or do I need to get the Wizard Module for realtime sliding and the Craft Module for intervolemeter?

  9. John

    I've been considering getting the edelkrone slider but this craft module is seriously feature rich. I'm moving from want to need.

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