ContourHD Price Drop

There's an on going debate between the GoProHD and ContourHD cameras. While the GoPro is having much success with it's recent sale price announcement (I know many of you swooped one up), some ContourHD fans might be happy to know there's a drop for this particular little POV cam. Normally running about $250 and then at times on sale for $199, ContourHD has even shaved off another $60 bucks from that sale price right now (full 1080p version). It's a cool little water resistant (not waterproof) camera if you're looking to start doing some bike helmet, car, or motorcycle mounting. If you want to go full waterproof, the optional case runs about $40 bucks, which is still keeps the overall total price under retail. Yes, it qualifies for Prime too which means free shipping and have it in two days (click here).

ContourHD POV HD Camera
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2 thoughts on “ContourHD Price Drop

  1. I had the ContourHD. Horrible quality! Sold it after 3 weeks and bought the GoPro. Fantastic camera, waterproof with included housing and amazing quality for $300.

  2. I was looking at both these cameras but ended up going with the Stealth HD170
    for my trip to Spain. If you have a little more money I would definitely recommend the Drift HD170. It is amazing and it already comes with an lcd screen attached which is huge when your out filming.

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