Cokin Filter Holder on Sony HX9V

Just for fun, thought I would test to see how much difference a basic ND filter and CPL could do to improve on the HX9. The ND will bring the shutter speed down on bright days to reduce the strobe like effect. The CPL, of course will improve overall image when dealing with Polarized light. This is a basic Cokin P system filter holder (this one can hold up to 3 filters). There is a slot for a CPL that can be rotated. I've also stacked two Cokin P hoods to help prevent lens flares on the large filters. Normally the filter holder is attached to the filter ring of a lens. There's no filter ring so a friction arm keeps things in place while still being adjustable in case I need to zoom. Yes this can all be used on pretty much any other camera. If it all works well, i'll build a stage of sorts to be able to mount it on a tripod.

[Update] Here's a video sample with and without the ND Filter. The focus was thrown off from pulling the ND in and out, but if you leave it in the Auto Focus is fine. I could try stacking ND filters to cut down the shutter speed even more. Notice how choppy the water looks without the ND filter and how it flows with the ND filter on. Overall, the ND filter makes a pretty big difference.

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17 thoughts on “Cokin Filter Holder on Sony HX9V

  1. Sean

    My plan for this camera is to:
    Get some welding glass (already been shipped)
    Find some rubber washers with an inner diameter the same as the diameter of the furthest protruding lens portion
    Cut the welding glass into a circle the same size as the outer diameter of the rubber washer, and stick them together.

    It should hopefully be a snug enough fit to stay on while zooming, but pop off easily when the lens is retracted. If it works with the welding glass I might try with some CPL glass also.

  2. Just tried this...finally with my s95.
    It does change the picture sooo much.
    It's great. I can't wait for the new s9---whatever. Hopefully full 1080p.
    Any new mounting methods emm?

  3. Ryan

    I finally got around to trying this camera out in an indoor lower light situation and my thoughts on the camera are opposite than in the great daytime conditions. Indoors/low light it SUCKS BAD.

    Great performance outdoors though!

    I like this little setup pictured! Pretty funny that you hardly even see the camera body at all, ha!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt N - Unfortunately in Video mode it's all automatic. You can only control whether you want it slightly under or overexposed. Nothing on here can be locked in as far as Shutter and AV.

  5. Verm

    Is there a reason why the colors with the ND FILTER ON look a lot more washed out, less saturated?

  6. Matt N

    When you're blocking the light via ND can you get a little bit of "secondary" control over the iris?

    By that I mean, if you can lock in the shutter and the ISO, then the only variable the auto feature could control would be the aperture. Not ideal, but you could get whatever you want in the ballpark with the proper ND.

    Not sure how the priority modes work on this thing. Sony (et al) drives me crazy with their consumer cameras though...too "idiot proof" to allow effective controls.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt N - Unfortunately the Sony does not provide manual settings in Video mode to stop down the aperture. Hopefully future small cameras will, because the video quality is very acceptable.

  8. Matt N

    Shooting quality video on still cams requires controlling the shutter and locking it in at a speed that's roughly double the frame rate. (opening the aperture a bit always helps aesthetically too if you're into the shallow depth of field look)

    Without ND on a bright day you can't slow down the shutter or open the iris because a relatively slow shutter speed (i.e. 50) and a wider opened iris results in overexposed shots.

    ND compensates for this. If you don't shoot with ND or don't think you can get by without it, ditch that attitude and then go get some. You'll be glad you did.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Frank - Some Cokin holders can hold one filter, some don't support the Cokin CPL. I'll have a video up very very soon on how it makes a difference on my little point and shoot. Although this can be used with a DSLR, it could add softness to your image. Softness is actually not so much a bad thing for some people and they would choose it over a fast shutter speed look.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @eiker_ir - I've talked about that in one of the other HX9 articles. That's a great solution for holding the Cokin Filters. They do use a different size (smaller) filter. I already had this P series holder laying around so I thought I'd give it a shot. I think the hoods are also only available for the P Series.

  11. Frank

    I'm on a very small budget and really like this idea. Here's how I could use it, and where I'm coming from.

    I use the T2i with an 82mm front end ebay Fader but have no hood or shade. Depending on the shoot having light in the lens can look pretty cool, but there are times I want it clean. My current hoods do not fit on the ebay Fader. Matte boxes are just plainly too expensive for my needs since I also will have to purchase rails and a base plate. I've been waiting for D|Matte but that hasn't come out yet. I like their design because it can screw on the lens, which I would eventually purchase ND filters and dump the ebay fader or but in the backpack.

    Would you recommend using the Cokin P mount with ND's for my situation? I use multiple lenses such as the Canon 50mm f/1.8, Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8, and the Canon 18-55mm kit lens.

    Silly question but can I attach the Cokin filter on the 77mm lens first and then use a step up ring and attach my 82mm ebay fader? Obviously, I'll need access to turn the lens ring to change intensity.

    Are all Cokin knock-offs like the one you have have 3 filter holders?



  12. steve-o

    emm - you think I can do bokeh photography effects using this instead of a matte box (from your June 3rd post, 2nd video)?


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