CN-900 LED Video Light Panel Sale

Just posted an article a few minutes ago about the new version ePhoto 600 LED Video light panels now selling on Amazon, but here's another sale on the larger 900 LED Video lights. If you guys find somewhere cheaper on these specific lights, post a comment.

Over at the ePhoto website, these popular 900 LED Video Light Panels are listed at just under $350 dollars, which is the cheapest i've seen anywhere at this time. Check it out at the product page (Click Here)

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15 thoughts on “CN-900 LED Video Light Panel Sale

  1. Dennis Mitchell

    While looking for an inexpensive led plate I came upon this, all the posts are about 3 years old so hopefully it is still monitored. On Amazon I read numerous complaints of noise. I noticed Nic posted about battery power. Anyone know if these have been updated? I am looking at the 600 but considering the 900. Thanks

  2. So what's the most efficient way to power these panels while not connected to the grid? I just picked up two and have a project that needs many outdoor shots..

  3. I ordered mine it got to my house in 2 days! First one was broken I gave the dealer a call who's based out of the bay area, he apologized and sent a ups slip and shipped me out another right away! Just hooked up a battery plate to the v mount it comes with! This light is amazing! solid build! If u guys have any requests i can make me a video Highlighting anything u like! Highly recommend these lights especially at the price point! Oh and I got it at the sale price. Bay area dealer says he gets a new inventory every Friday and ships out the following Monday! Hope that helps everyone!

  4. Ok, so I know a lot of people are freaking out about battery powering these guys...I know I was. Then I remembered, because I also do photography, that the guy who makes my studio flashes makes some pretty awesome battery packs for them. They're called the Vagabond Mini by Paul C Buff. When I checked, they're even smaller now then when I looked at them last, and they do 130Wh...that's a lot more then the tekkeons. Also, these use regular plugins, so you can use them for other things. They aren't as small, or "riggable" as the Tekkeons...but they'll last a lot longer. One of them can power two lights for longer then 2 Tekkeons.

  5. Efex

    I bit the bullet and ordered the 900. The 600 looked a little weak.
    I hope the $120 difference in price is worth it.

  6. nate

    thanx for the heads up emm! how is the output on the 900s with the sony or tekon battery packs? i might be interested in these as a mobile option but i know some leds don't pump out as much light on battery packs. and i thought i remember the dslrvideoshooter guy saying he liked this brand but thought it would output more light than they did. what's your experience with these guys on battery vs the wall plug? and thanx again for everything you are doing here on cheesycam!!!! i don't think i've ever been on a set where we didn't bring up this blog.

  7. anthony chabot

    Sold (1). + 2 of the 600's. Emm, my bank account has a love /hate relationship with cheesycam.

  8. Ryan

    That's too good to pass up. I've been waiting for a good deal on a larger LED panel and there was a selection of 500-600LED lights in the $200 range, but for a 900 LED with good color this one's great. Can't wait to receive it!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - From what i've heard the Lite Panels law suit is keeping some retailers from stocking up on the larger LED lights.

  10. Rob S.

    That's amazingly cheap. I noticed that Amazon dealers are all out of stock. I wonder if there's a new version coming out.

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