Clever DSLR Rig 15mm Power Supply with Sony NPF Batteries

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find-price-button Sony NPF-970 Battery Power Supply 5V, 7V, 12V

Thanks to a tweet from m0fe, he points out this alternative Sony Battery tray for powering up your DSLR rig with Sony NPF style batteries [Thanks m0fe]. They have a V-Mount power supply similar to this, but even cheap V-mount batteries are just out of most budgets. This tray accepts two Sony NPF970 Batteries (seen here) (but you can also use little NPF-550s) to power up fairly standard DSLR rig accessories.

The pack offers an output of 5V (for Zoom H4n), a 7V output (for powering Canon cameras), and a 12V output (for powering LCD monitors), and then clamps to a standard set of 15mm rails. The kit comes with all the necessary cables and even comes with a Canon LP-E6 dummy battery to start shooting. If you're an event shooter that needs to be fed constant power, this is one of the most affordable off the shelf solutions to power up your rig. Check it out via eBay (Click Here).

Sony NPF970 Battery Tray 15mm DSLR Rig15mm Sony Power Battery Tray
find-price-button Sony NPF-970 Battery Power Supply 5V, 7V, 12V

21 thoughts on “Clever DSLR Rig 15mm Power Supply with Sony NPF Batteries

  1. Hi Gabe
    Im looking too to find something for the GH4. The Problem is, that the GH4 requests more than 8,4 Volt to work stable, otherwise it will not work... unfortunately. I have already tested it...
    Unfortunately, they are not offering a solution with 8,8 Volt Output for GH4.

  2. Paul

    Hi all. I have this product. Although a useful design, there are some major problems. First of all, the saddles for the Sony batteries on mine were made of weak plastic and the guides that hold the batteries in place broke off the first day. Next, it does indeed need both batteries to run, so if you take one out, or one wiggles loose for a moment (which also happens), everything powers down, and you possibly lose data. I was able to find a battery adapter for both 5dII and t3i. I had to modify some cables to get it to work with my H4n. When it works, it's cool, but it fails too much to use in any hard core work. I highly suggest getting a v-mount solution. Much better and more stability.

  3. raphael Bigaud

    Did anyone try this power supply ?
    does it work properly ?
    i'm not really confident in those asian cheap products. anyway it seems to be a really good solution to power a 5DII. i have 4 NPF batteries left since i sold my camecorder last week.
    anyone can share his experience ?

  4. Eugene

    here is another option:

    with with combination you should be able to power anything you want...

    flashes, audio recorders, cameras, LED lights, Monitors, field mixers... anything you can imagine

  5. Stephen S.

    I hope the power button isn't as easy to accidentally press as it looks from the photos!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @sept - This power tray seems like a really good option because it's ready to mount to 15mm rails, has various DC output at the same time, and comes with all the cables. Even if you wanted to DIY something, it will set you back quite a bit and still won't run on these cheap Sony Batteries. I'm not sure about the overall quality, but I'm liking it from here...

  7. sept

    is this the cheapest solution to get 12v from v mount battery?

    the other option would be get the cheap 12v lithium powerbank of ebay. but this v mount battery can be use for led panel too. hmmm

    please advise

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @peederj - I doubt you can hot swap, because each battery is running at 7V. Which means if it has an option for 12V, they are most likely utilizing both batteries and stepping down the voltage. I could be wrong and maybe they are using some type of multiplier to increase voltage, but I highly highly doubt that.

  9. peederj

    This is interesting, but I'm not sure of two things. One, is there any reliable indicator of battery life remaining? And two, can I hot swap one of the batteries at a time to provide continuous, glitch-free power? How would I know which one to swap without an indicator?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @eric - Yes it can power Z96, 312 LED, 508 LED and other on-camera LED lights, but not the 600 panel because that requires 14V. It possibly will power it, but you won't get full brightness from it.

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