Cinegear 2014 – Dracast LED Fresnel Lighting

Cinegear 2014 - Rodney with Dracast showcases new Fresnel lighting using high quality CREE LEDs. According to the product page, the new fresnel series carries a high 95 CRI rating.

Product Description:
The Dracast LED FRESNEL Series is the newest release in the Dracast product line, and it’s arriving with a bang. The Dracast FRESNEL Series is designed using our MASM (Multi Arrary Surface Mount) LED technology. MASM uses an array of perfectly balanced high-output surface mount LED chips, and fits them into an ultra-focused lens housing. This creates tremendous light output with virtually flawless color consistency. Adding to this a virtually silent active fan cooling system, and the Dracast FRESNEL Series is poised to be a game changer.

For more information about the new Dracast LED Fresnel Series visit the Dracast website (here).

Dracase LED Fresnel CREE LED bi colorDracast LED Fresnel Lighting
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4 thoughts on “Cinegear 2014 – Dracast LED Fresnel Lighting

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Kent - Perhaps you misunderstood, but there is NO fan in this light so absolutely no noise.

  2. Peter Kent

    Nice! I missed this booth so thanks for covering it. I love the idea but 20 lbs and even a hint of fan noise might not be for me.

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