Cheesycam Group Buy – Varavon BMPCC Armor Cage + 15mm Rod Kit + External Battery Power Bundle

If you've been following me, you'll see that i've been putting a lot of time and energy into my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras over the past months. I've been able to mock up a few different setups using several different parts, but honestly I would love to just simplify things and shrink down my battery solution.

balckmagic pocket cinema cameras cheesycam

So in order to standardize my equipment, shrink down and clean up the rigs, I have been looking towards the Varavon BMPCC Kit. The full kit includes an armor cage with HDMI and Power cable locks, Top Handle, and 15mm Rods. They also offer one of the smallest and cleanest BMPCC Battery Solutions with a 15mm clamp.

blackmagic pocket cineme camera varavon armor cage battery

Once I attach my mini shoulder pad and two small front handles, i'd be one happy camper. My goal is to have both my BMPCCs in the same exact setup, but that gets to be expensive. I have already discussed with Varavon the possibility of a significant discount on this bundle if I can organize a 'Group Buy'. So i'm reaching out to see who wants to partake in such an event.

Now the total package $319 [Armor Cage:Top Handle:Rods] + $180 [Battery Package:15mm Clamp] + Shipping = Over $500 Dollars.

If I can get 20 orders together (limit only 20 will be sold at this discount), they have offered to sell each bundle for JUST $320 + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. And for kicks they'll also throw in one of their Sling Follow Focus tools too.

Once again, i'm trying to drum up at least 20 people who are interested in getting in on this bundle for $320. The have agreed to ONLY OFFER 20 bundles at this price. Start leaving some comments, and if I think we can pull it off i'll start to organize the logistics for everyone to place their order. I have until the end of next week [12.19.2014] to put this deal through - Leave Comments!


P.S. - I'm hoping to make this 'First Cheesycam Group Buy' a success, and i'll be sure to organize more of these with other companies as well. #GroupBuy

[UPDATE 12.15.2014]: Register NOW For this Deal

79 thoughts on “Cheesycam Group Buy – Varavon BMPCC Armor Cage + 15mm Rod Kit + External Battery Power Bundle

  1. Jeff

    I just received an email that says the offer ends today (12/21/2014). But at the end of the email is says offer starts 12/19/2014 and ends 12/28/2014.

    I won't have the money until 12/22 or 12/23. I was relieved to see it was running until 12/28. So which is it?

  2. Josh

    I'm incredibly interested although I imagine it may be too late for me :/. But if we can do a cage fight or anything to get in the top 20 let me know...

  3. J Toha

    Emm, looks like there are more than 40-50 people interested here. Would it be possible for Varavon to push the price down even more, considering the volume?

    I personally own a BMPCC but don't use it that much professionally, so am on the fence about getting the Varavon cage, even though the group buy price is great. If it's even lower, I'll just get one for the sake of it. LOL

  4. mad

    almost bought this a couple a dozen times. dont know y im so hesitant... oh yea im kinda broke 😀

    hey em, thought about adding the multifinder to this setup?

    I've been wanting that as well

  5. Shootbox

    I'm in. Nice job hooking this up.

    Q: Since you're having such a great immediate response, if you up the numbers can we up the package/deal?

    Many thanks.

  6. Scott

    Can we do a group buy for a half-decent ballbearing slider?

    That's the one piece of kit that I'd like to have, but don't want to spend 500$+ on, and I have no clue which of the affordable ones to buy, I keep reading mixed reviews...

  7. Scott

    Emm, could you partner with another retailer to provide the optional upgrade to include a BMPCC as well?

  8. James Madara

    I don't have the BMCC, but what a great idea. Look forward to more offers through Cheezy Buyer's Club!

  9. Tristan Summers

    you have quite a following now, I reckon you could get a hundred by the end of the week. I am in if I can be. Am in London.

  10. Jorge

    Ok so I have questions: So far I have not purchased any cage mainly because I haven't really seen the point. I love the incognito factor of the BMPCC. But having purchased the 25mm T.95 recently I'm thinking I should start using my cheap ass drone FPV monitor to help focusing that lens. If I use the monitor I need to remove the Shotgun, because there is only one hole on the top. So having extra holes is cool. Also I have not found a suitable way to hold the HDMI cable, so the cable lock is probably the feature I'm most looking forward to. The battery opens up the possibility of Timelapses so that is cool. Focus levers are quirky but may be useful, I can't tell.

    I guess what I don't see the point in (my case) is the top handle and the rods. Why use could I get from those items. Oh and the quick release plates, there are so many types I don't know which is which, which I own and which I don't own etc. Any comments to sell me the rods and handle are welcome. I know this price is awesome but I'm weary of spending money since I still need a mono and gimbal. Thanks to all,

  11. OldCorpse

    I don't have a BMPCC, so I'm not a candidate, but I totally love the concept of CheesyCam Group Buys and will definitely get in on something suitable - so, I am going to propagate this to everyone I know who has a BMPCC (which is at least 4 people I can think of off the top of my head).


  12. Marcus Wolschon

    I'm in.
    Power adapter however needs to be 230V central european plug as 110V US plugs are useless here.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @mad - I'm feeling out to see if this can be done, then i'll set something up for people to make their official orders.

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