Cheesycam Camera Stabilizer – used for steady shots while running or walking

People have asked me about what I used to make the stabilizer. So i've revised the video a bit to include photos of the stabilizer and information about the parts.

I've also attached a few photos of my 5D Mark II mounted 'Right Side Up' and also "Upside Down" for those very low flying shots.

All parts available at Home Depot. I was literally sprinting to keep up with the kids, but the stabilizer worked pretty well.

Camera 5D Mark II with Sigma 20mm. Sorry video isn't HD I was going for functionality of the stabilizer on this demo, not video quality. More photos will be available in the Photos link. More sample videos will be available in the Videos link.

13 thoughts on “Cheesycam Camera Stabilizer – used for steady shots while running or walking

  1. Anthony

    I cannot find foundation bearings anywhere...are they under a different name? Can they be replaced with something else?

  2. jay

    Would be cool to see some video of you using the unit. Not just footage form the camera mounted on it but seeing how comfortable it looks being used by another person.

  3. Brandon

    Hey there...I think this is what I am looking for. I know in the video you posted the parts...could you drop me an email and give me a little bit more instruction and detail on the parts...I am by no means a handyman, and I suck at puting stuff together.


  4. jonrob

    so how do hold this rig? I see the commercial stabilizers with the handle but I don't see it on yours. Thanks.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Hmm not sure. The stick and weights are about the same weight as the camera I would say. Works well to 'dampen' movement.

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  7. Aaron

    I'm totally building one of these right now with a slightly modified design and some spare parts from the garage. Thanks for the super idea and I'll post a pic of mine when its done!

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