Cheap Wireless Photography Remote 550D / T2i

I get questions about the remote I use for my Painters Pole Photography with the Palo Alto adapter. I showed the above video a while back. Since the Canon 550D / T2i is such a popular camera, and I get questions about the remote, I guess it's about time I link out to the official remote for that DSLR. This is a combination remote so you can use the main tethered part alone, or if you need to step away from the camera the main will act like a receiver, and you can use the included Wireless remote. This only works for photos, not video.

Very handy to have, works much better than the Infrared remotes. You don't need line of sight and can be extremely far from the camera itself. As low as $11 dollars, mostly around $15 it's a handy little remote to have in the bag. Here's the same product available for the Canon 550D / T2i.

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  2. Arbor

    FYI for those still curious, I just re-read the description from the mfr's website and noticed that it gave it a range of up to 320 feet. They say "100m (320ft)," but realize that 100 meters really translates to roughly ~328 feet. As overadvertised as this may or may not be, I think it's safe to say you'll plenty get more than the ~5m ish range of any of the RC1 or RC6 type infrared remotes...not to mention you don't have to deal with line of sight issues.

    I hate having found your blog, Emm. Now I find myself drooling over more accessories for my T2i (and hopefully a soon upcoming 60D?!), and back in and out of hardware stores looking for parts for DIY projects including tentpole rail systems and stabilizers and spider-trax like dollies/sliders and saving up $$ for knockoff LED lights and fluid heads and after-aftermarket viewfinders and ___ and ______ .... AND I'm just a STILLs photographer hobbyist! Curse you T2i, Curse you! PS, anybody got a review of the T2i LCD grips with the built in intervalometer yet? 😀

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Here's the article to the Canon 5D remotes.


  4. looks good. anyone know which one works with the 5DMKII? in their store it's a bit confusing and none of the specs when you click in actually show 5D.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Don't think i'll ever be able to test in a demolition environment LOL, but I can try the open field and through walls. I'll let you know.

  6. Arbor

    Thanks for the info. What's the range of the wireless remote in an open field?
    Since I clarified an open field, that just got me wondering the flipside: How well does it do through walls say if I needed to blindly shoot a demolition from behind a blast shelter?

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