BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Sorry for lack of posts, but we've been out gathering various product interviews here at NAB2012. Of course, one new product that has everyone speaking is the new BlackMagic Cinema Camera. It has the ability to capture 2.5K RAW to a an SSD drive or to ProRes and DNxHD at 1920 x 1080. Priced under $3K, that's cheaper than the 5D Mark III and throws in a lot more features, like being able to capture the video output or to be used with Live Switching. A high speed Thunderbolt port adds for computer capture. The BlackMagic Cinema camera has a sensor size very close to a micro four thirds sensor (not exactly), comes with an EF mount for Canon shooters, and will have electronic iris control. No funky adapters needed. Supposedly you can also just double tap the 5" touch screen to focus.

blackmagic_cinema-camerablackmagic cinema camera

The camera form factor reminds me of an Epson label printer, and doesn't look very comfortable to shoot with handheld. There's practically no grip handle like found in a DSLR, and instead you could buy an optional BlackMagic handle set. Your best bet is to build a 15mm/19mm Rail support. It does carry some very nice features, but doesn't have many external buttons or dials. Just watching them operate the touch screen to make adjustments to change ASA might be a little slow for people who need to dial in quick. I believe they will offer an external remote that could make some of this a faster workflow.

It was so crowded in this area, I had a hard time getting a few pictures in, but you can find all the sexy images and technical information at

Pre-Order via B&H (click here).

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