550D Canon T2i Camera Stabilizer Video

I posted about this Hague Mini Motion Camera Stabilizer earlier in my blogs, but I just thought I'd share with everyone what a Canon T2i looks like when balanced on the Hague. Now that high quality HD Video cameras are smaller, the Hague MMC is one good option. This stabilizer will only fly the weight of a Canon T2i with 18-55mm kit lens and nothing more. You can find the Hague MMC on eBay (click here)

find-price-button Mini Camera Stabilizer

One stabilizer that pretty much resembles the Hague MMC but which is a bit cheaper is the MidX (found here).
find-price-button MidX Camera Stabilizer

Other Small Video DSLR Camera Stabilizers
If you're planning on Flying something a bit heavier, the next best option would be the Flycam Nano. You can see how well this stabilizer flies in this video (click here). This is what I feel the best bang for the buck. It can easily fly a Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 7D with a Tokina 11-16mm lens. You can find the Flycam Nano online (click here).

dslr video camera stabilizer
find-price-button The Flycam Nano

One feature that the Flycam Nano lacks is what are called 'fine tuning knobs'. These knobs are available in some stabilizers for you to quickly and easily get your camera in balance. You simply turn the small knobs and the camera will shift slightly left / right, or shift slightly forward and back. If you need to be quick about getting a camera ready to fly, the Glidecam HD series are the best bet. For small cameras similar to what the Flycam Nano can fly, you'll want to look into the Glidecam HD1000 stabilizer. You can find one of my demo videos (click here). The Glidecam HD1000 is the smallest of Glidecam stabilizers under the HD2000 and HD4000 which can all be found online (click here).

find-price-button Glidecam Stabilizers

If you're looking to beef up your Camera by adding a battery grip, LED light, or Microphones and need something to carry more weight, the next step up (price wise) would be the Glidecam HD2000-HD4000 stabilizers. You can find the different Glidecam HD models available here. They are all basically the same design, just different sizes to support different weight cameras. You can probably get away with the smallest one, but if you plan on adding something like an LED video light (like this one) , you might want to get the larger Glidecam HD2000 or HD4000. I personally own several different stabilizers, but here's a BTS video with the HD4000 (click here).

In your search for Glidecam stabilizers, you might run into the Pro versions. These will also work great and the difference in the Pro series of Glidecam stabilizers is mainly the lack of 'Fine Tuning Knobs'. They will balance fairly heavy loads and if you don't require the fine tune knobs you can find many of these used for cheap prices (click here). Getting back to the Glidecam HD series of stabilizers, you can find more information about how much weight each stabilizer can carry, along with prices following the links below.

find-price-button Glidecam HD 1000 Smallest Glidecam HD DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer

find-price-button Glidecam HD 2000 Medium Sized Glidecam HD DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer

find-price-button Glidecam HD-4000 Largest Glidecam HD DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer

48 thoughts on “550D Canon T2i Camera Stabilizer Video

  1. Cody Davis

    I have an IndieHardware Stabilizer and it does a pendulum effect (swaying slightly left and right) while I am walking forward. I see it happening in your footage of the IndieHardware Stabilizer, but I don't see it in the Glidecam 1000 video. Any suggestions to eliminate this problem or is it just inherent in the IndieHardware product.

  2. Has anyone tried balancing a Gopro on one of these Hague minis? I'm close but my side-to-side balance is still off for some reason. It might be that the Gopro Hero2 is just too light.

  3. Nicholas

    Pllllease tell me how you have your weights set up. I have the same camera and lense, and cannot get it to work at all! I see you have the camera all the way back. Do you have additional weights?

    Pllllllease any info would be amazing.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Eli Cash - I think we all covered that it can support the Camera and 18-55mm, that's about it. In the article I showed other options for heavier setups.

  5. Eli Cash

    I wish I had done more research on this before I bought it. I'm having the same problems as everyone else. I have the T2i with a 50mm 1.8 lens, not that heavy at all, and I can't get this thing to balance for the life of me. I even went to Home Depot and bought a big handful of extra washers in varying weights and added the extra weights. Although I feel like extra weight is not what it's missing. It's very odd. Just when I think it's starting to balance out it starts leaning and just goes off and does it's on thing. It's REALLY REAAAALLY hard to get this thing balanced. I guess I thought it wouldn't be this difficult. Like another commenter said, it would be nice to know what weight distribution measurements you used so the people with T2i's could try it as well. Because as of right now I'm already trying to sell this thing and get rid of it. It's such a hassel.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Alexis - not for anything heavier, go for the Glidecam or minimum Flycam. Soundtrack? Something from most recent Batman.

  7. Alexis Mendez

    Nice video. Will it work on the 7D if additional weights were added?
    BTW: What soundtrack was that at the end? I really liked it!

  8. beeber

    ordered, made it to California in about 5 business days.

    but ... the 7d is too heavy. I need to make a trip to home depot and try
    to find more weights, I guess.


  9. Valentin

    I just ordered the Hague MMC and wil be using it with the T2i with same lens.

    I can probably approximate the various setup adjustments based on your video, but can you reply with the exact configuration of weights that you used?

    It would be really helpful to know what combination of supplied weights plus add-ons (if any) you used.

    Thanks so much !!


  10. Emm

    Post author

    @che I highly recommend the Glidecam over the Merlin. I used the Merlin quite a bit when first flying (which is how I ended up with a Vest), and the Glidecam has much more range. I DOOO HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go for the HD series of Glidecam. The PRO models without fine tuning are going to be difficult for the first time flyer and the fine tune knobs are just faster to get setup.

  11. che

    So, for a 7D, I guess you're recommending the Glidecam options, or the Merlin. I bought my 7D specifically because clients were clamoring about the 7D and any time the T2i comes up, people go "huh?" Or get suspicious of its consumer price point. Still wondering if the extra work and rentals on the 7D are going to pay the difference. Uh, wait, my question was: steady device for a 7D?

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  13. Emm

    Post author

    That's not a very new product. I still think you'd be better off with a Glidecam HD1000 though. The limited range of the Hague on such a heavy camera for that price doesn't work out well.

  14. Unfortunately, the second link wasn't what I meant! 🙂
    Here's again what I was interested in: https://www.b-hague.co.uk/hague_dslr_motion_cam_camera_steadicam_stabilizer.htm
    It seems like this product just came in on the HAGUE-page, because they currently have a "Introductory offer".
    This system uses the mentioned new adaptor, and they state it would hold weights from 0.8kg to 2kg.
    Excerpt from their description: "Specifically designed for Canon 5D, 7D plus similar DSLRs for HD Movie Mode".
    Maybe you've just got me wrong on my first question. What do you think about this new Hague stabilizer?

  15. Emm

    Post author

    Looks lclose to the same Hague MMC that I balanced with the T2i. He's not using an HD DSLR to balance in that video, so his center balance might not be the same as T2i. I'm sure that adapter does a good job of correcting the center of balance, but that still doesn't solve the problem of how much weight it can hold. You can do it without that adapter, but if you're serious about flying, the Glidecam HD1000 is the real deal. If you want to just get a few flying shots, the Hague and IndieHardware are fun.

  16. Hey Emm,
    just want to get your opinion on the new Hague DSLR Stabilizer: https://www.b-hague.co.uk/hague_dslr_motion_cam_camera_steadicam_stabilizer.htm
    The site says it's made for DSLRs (because of the new 'Balance Correction Adaptor', see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJPCQVd3PPs ) and it could hold up to 2kg (around 4 pounds, I think). The minimum weight it holds would be 800g - that's how much my 550D with the kit lens weighs.
    Sadly, there's no test video using this system yet 🙁
    After you've tested the Mini Motion Cam and the IndieHardware Stabilizer, maybe you could give your 2 cents about this new gadget and if it COULD work fine??
    Thanks 🙂

  17. Frank Alarcon

    Hi there.

    Anyone knows wich is the brand name of the ball link/head used in the Hague MMC system ? I mean, the black one in a plastic housing. Many thanks.

  18. Jake

    I'm trying to find the actual price of the stabilizer but find no results. On the website it shows a pic of the stabilizer and says click for prices but ends up on a cam-corder car mount. Whats the actual price?

  19. John

    That's BS Sidney, i have the 550d since its officially released and filmed plenty with it, also in hot weather (italy (35C+) and no overheating...

    I only saw the overheat message once, with filming for an schoolproject and the camera was on for atleast half a day, with heavy studio lights on it... few minutes off and i havent received any more messages that day!


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  21. I have to say that the canon T2i is great for photography and does awesome video, but I wouldn't recommend it for video because it gets hot real fast and you delay your shoots and have to cut it off. Get the 7D.

  22. Omar

    I don't have any BTS footage yet, but I can take photographs, and I have an old Sony Handycam laying around, so maybe I can throw something together when I do the video tour for our other rental unit.

    FYI...I have come to the conclusion that the battery grip is essential to making the larger lens work with the MMC. Without the grip, when the larger lens is attached and sitting on a table, the camera topples forward; but with the grip attached, it remains upright, because the battery grip counters the weight of the lens, putting the center of gravity back at the body of the camera (an essential physical principal to balancing a camera with the MMC...I believe).

    I will do my best to get some photos and a video uploaded.

  23. admin

    Post author

    Thanks, would love to see the actual stabilizer. Do you have any BTS footage? thanks.

  24. Omar

    For those wondering about heavier lenses, etc., I got my MMC about a week ago, and I put my T2i on top of it, with an 18-135mm lens, as well as the BG-E8 battery grip, and finally a quick release adapter, and it seems to be working pretty good. It is not quite as stable as the one in the video above, but I may just need to play with the weights a little more (I did purchase the extra weight set from Hague).

    I just finished putting together a little test scene of a tour through one of our vacation rentals (using the setup mentioned above), and I should have it uploaded to Youtube this evening, or tomorrow.

  25. gambitrocks

    I finally got it along with the T2i and I can't balance the T2i on it. It keeps dipping. Any suggestions? I bought 6 extra large washers and I'm still having a hard time.

  26. admin

    Post author

    If you're planning on working with more weights, you should go a step up to either a Glidecam (a bit bigger) or the Steadicam Merlin (a bit more expensive). This stabilizer can carry the T2i kit, but not too much more.

  27. Samas

    Thanks for the review and tips, probably going to buy the stabilizer today but, like Melinda, was wondering if you have added or bought some extra weights at the bottom or does it work with the weights that come with the stabilizer package? I'll be using it with the 550D also.

    Thanks in advance,

  28. Roman

    Yeah, I'm wondering about the weights, too. How much weight did you put on for the t2i with the standard zoom kit lens? At the end of your video, you were walking along. I can see some swing, which I don't like. Did you get rid of this? Because i've got the same "problem":

    I got it balanced quite well but it seems the ball head is just not moving smooth enough inside the plastic thingie, so I mostly get some swing only when moving the handle a bit... It gets even worse when I put on my 50mm/1.4f. You can get 1 good take out of 10 at max... And yes, I did practise a lot, and my Canon G10 works perfect on the MMC. It's a shame it only does 640x480...

    It seems the t2i is just to heavy for the MMC, even it's below 800g with the standard zoom kit lens.


  29. i just picked up this stabilizer, but can't seem to get it as steady as you w yr t2i. it looks like you may have added some extra weights at the bottom?

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  31. Chris


    I'm in California and this is shipped from the U.K.... anyone have experience with how long that takes?


  32. Rob

    Yes, I would be interested in a Hague mini motion stabilizer but would like to operate a 24 - 105 f4 L (or 24 - 70 f2.8 L) Lens.

    Has anyone tested it with such lenses?

  33. There's a 10 ounce difference between the 5D/7D and the new T2i. Does that difference make the steady 'cam' device unusable for the 5D/7D?

  34. Kay O. Sweaver

    I did some math and based on the numbers they give it won't work for the T2i and my 28-105mm lens, which is a deal killer for me sadly.

    I'd really love to see followup articles on stuff like this and the LCD viewfinder and... well just about anything you purchase or try out to see what you think of them after a bit of time in the field.

    Thanks! Nice idea for a site. Looking forward to checking in regularly.

  35. The Hague Mini Motion Camera Stabilizer looks great but I wonder how heavy a lens you can use with it on the T2i?

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