Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer ‘Booster Focal Reducer’

Over the years the Micro Four Thirds system has been heavily advanced by both camera manufacturers and lens manufacturers. It's possible to get more out of certain lenses by using new Focal Reducer, Speed Boosters, or Lens Turbo adapters for manual lenses. There is of course an adapter to mount a Canon EF to an M4/3 body, but it will not allow control of the iris.


If you have your heart set on trying to adapt a Canon EF lens to an MFT M4/3 camera, Raymond Leung writes in and shares his experience with the Canon EF to M4/3 adapter. He's posted a few sample images using this Canon EF to M4/3 adapter with an Olympus camera. You should be able to gauge how well this will work in video mode. You can see some of those results at his blog (found here)

The Canon EF to M/43 adapter can be found via eBay (click here)

Canon EF MFT M43 Lens Turbo Speed Booster Focal Reducer
find-price-button Canon EF Lens to M43 MFT Micro Four Thids Adapter

16 thoughts on “Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer ‘Booster Focal Reducer’

  1. What's the link to RJs site?

    On eBay listing it says you have to set camera to "shoot without lens to On", um I've never seen that setting on my 5D3.

  2. I want to adapt Canon EF to a GH4. Is this good or should I just wait for the EF to M43 Metabones Speedbooster due out later this summer ya?

  3. Keith Moreau

    Any experience with the RJ line of improved focal reducers? They claim they are better. The ones on Ebay all seem the same and have the same info. RJ's site is not great. Has anybody ordered one of the newer ones (they are around $135) and are they happy with them? Any word on if Metabones is going to come out with a EF-MFT speed booster soon? Thanks for any advice.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @HDTAYFILMS - I'm a bit confused by your question, but the Sigma 18-35mm on the GH4 will not communicate. You can find an adapter that can adjust the iris (aperture), but it does not support image stabilization.

  5. I got myself one of the 'cheaper' focal reducers. The one from RJ if I'm not mistaken. Anyways - gave it a run-through on the Pocket Cinema Camera and it worked like Black Magic (overly obvious pun intended). Linked the article with this comment.

  6. ddueck

    I sold my genuine EOS-E Metabones Speed Booster after I acquired a GH3 and got rid of my NEX-7. So I bought one of these cheap $99 EOS-M43 to replace it. It showed up in the mail yesterday. I'm actually pretty impressed with the optics. I was all set for the "blue spot of death" but no amount of intentional flaring could produce it at any aperture. Sharpness seems great and build quality is solid too. I just wish the EOS-side lens release was a bit more sturdy, but considering I have a focal reducer again at 1/6 the cost of the speed booster, I'm having a hard time figuring out what else I'm giving up (besides electronics of course).

  7. kurth

    These RJ adapters come in 2 flavors. If you go to RJ's site, you'll see they're now with updated optics. The rebranded ones you find on ebay and amazon are the original optics. Obviously this is more useful for 1080 video than 20mp photography. As for the eos version, the best solution for exp control are nd's. The nikon version has a exp control ring. As for fd lenses...they're cheap and great for video. With the panasonic etc mode and a focal reducer, each lens has 4 available focal lengths.

  8. @Dennis: There are some manual options like Rokinons and such, and perhaps if you have those and a set of Nikons you'd rather just buy one Canon lens turbo and then add a Nikon to EF adapter to save costs, don't you think?

  9. John

    @Dennis, its because Canon EF mount is a popular mount. All my rokinon lens are in Canon mount (i could have gone with a nikon mount) but i use mostly sony Nex + Canon 7D.

    I dont see any new lens coming in FD mount, so it seems pointless for me to invest in FD lenses. Im sure others feel the same.

  10. I get the point of such a "adapter" on a manuel lens. But EF lens's are always controllede through the camera. So i don't get it. Why make it?. MFT/m4/3 to FD makes sense, because the FD range is manual.

  11. Thank you for the review. This is something we've been waiting for metabones to release, is the quality as good? Need tests for the blackmagic pocket. This and a variable ND for EF lenses could be a good combination.

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