Canon 5D Mark III with Eye-Fi Wireless SDHC Card

The camera in the iPhone is fast and easy, but it's still limited to what it can do. If you want to step up the quality of images you're sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network with your fancy DSLR, then you would need to download the images to a laptop computer and hopefully have Internet Access. A simple approach could be to send it wirelessly from your DSLR right to your iPhone (which should already have Internet access).

YouTube member 1sicknickel shows how the Eye-Fi Wireless SDHC card works with the Canon 5D Mark III [Thanks Peter]. From your iOS device you'll connect directly to the Eye-Fi like a hotspot and see images taken with your camera. This is not exclusive to the Canon DSLRs, as it will work with many cameras (including many point and shoots). Check out the Eye-Fi SDHC cards via Amazon (Click Here).

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6 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III with Eye-Fi Wireless SDHC Card

  1. One error in your video IOS devices can read RAW files, have connected my 5D MK III many times through a plug I got from China and transferred RAW files and viewed them without issue.

  2. I recently added this card to my workflow and it's working pretty well.
    If you find your photos aren't transferring with a Mark III, make sure you don't also have a CF card in your cam without having the cam set to write to both cards.
    Also, I've noticed if you change the device that receives the images (iPhone to iPad for instance), it may be necessary to eject the card and reinsert it. Weird but works for me.

  3. joshi

    U think the Eye-Fi idea is amazing. Just imagine that at weddings you could be shooting RAW, downloading them to a nearby laptop, selecting images and editing them on the fly and projecting them as the wedding keeps going. You'd need a really quick editor but I think there's value in that.

  4. Tony

    Does this maker have a lock on this kind of tech? Seems its been lingering with mixed results and a company like Sandisk or Lexar would make it more reliable.

  5. Ralph F.

    The overall rating is a mix, but the negative comments on the Amazon page are strong, I think.

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