Canon 5D Mark III – Full 1080p HDMI Out

Most cameras save a highly compressed file to SD or Compact Flash media cards. One option that is available on higher end cameras is the ability to capture from a clean HDMI signal so that you can use an external recorder to save your video into a higher quality file format.

atomos ninja 2 hdmi capture 5d mark III
find-price-button Atomos Ninja 2 HMDI Recorder

Originally the Canon 5D Mark III lacked the ability to capture clean video from it's HDMI output. Over at NAB 2013, I was able to check out a few companies who were already testing the firmware upgrade. One booth was Convergent Design displaying it with a new Odyssey 7/7Q monitor, and the other was at the Atomos Ninja booth.

Canon 5D Mark III Full HDMI Out Firmware 1080p output
Canon 5D Mark III with Odyssey 7 / 7 Q OLED Display + Recorder

Hopefully we'll see this firmware release very soon and with this unlocked feature that adds a new option to capture from the HDMI output of the Canon 5D Mark III (making the camera better than it already is), I'm sure this will drive further demand to this camera body. Most places right now are listing the Canon 5D Mark III for $3300 dollars, but you will often find ebay Deals on the Canon 5D Mark III listing for $2899. Might be worth taking a look (click here).

canon 5d mark iii
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III (Body Only)

18 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III – Full 1080p HDMI Out

  1. pao

    are they an aurthorize dealer? would it be better to get the mk3 along w/ the printer and get the rebate?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jacob - It is still a compressed output, but instead of saving to the card, your recorder can capture a higher bitrate and to ProRes.

  3. +1 on the raw question from @freiheit I understood it would be prores or something along the lines of whatever your recorder records. Still 8bit though?

  4. pixcanfly

    I will choose the BM HyperShuttle over Ninja 2. It's cheaper, can also double up as a HDMI and SDI converter. The Ninja 2 screen quality is low.

  5. @Shoestring Concerts
    is that true the 5D3 HDMI out for RAW data?? what i heard is just 8bit 4:2:2, it's uncompressed but not a RAW data.

    5D3 with Canon RAW out will be THE BIGGEST NEWS ever this year from Canon!!!!

    can you tell me where the source is?

  6. Neil

    Agree with everything you say. However, even shooting the BMPC in clean 1080p mode it's still infinitely better in that it has a global shutter. For me, global shutter is a bigger feature than even the 4K which I see as more of a future-proof feature for when SSDs etc. come down in price as they invariably will.

    As far as mis-matched accessories/rigs switching from a DSLR to a BMPC most accessories will work fine. The only important additions I see needing would be a cage and an external power source.

    I'm always hesitant to invest in 1st generation products but I love that BlackMagic have taken the bull by the horns and are making the big moves. I hope they're successful if for not other reason than to give Canon, Sony etc. the kick in the ass they so need. 🙂

  7. Guys if you take a second and think about the big picture at the end of the day its about price, quality, reliability, availability, and service. BM may have a big bark but have not lived up to their own hype. As a filmmaker you have to look at every cost.

    BMPC - is great because its 4K but you can't change the battery and the form factor is ok at best and you have to buy a whole bunch of new accessories for it. Then you have to think about the cost of SSDs and than the cost of storage. Than you need to find a computer fast enough to edit this RAW footage and if not than you are shooting at HD. Like all of these companies coming out with their cameras all have flaws. You just have to make a decision that is best for you and your business.

    I really am not a Canon fan boy but they do come out with solid products that work and they have a reliable brand just like Sony, Panasonic, RED etc. I don't know about anyone else but Emm is right is the fact that this camera is already solid and now it just becomes better.

    Remember that at the end of the day most people don't have 4K players, TVs, or projects in their homes. So unless you are just shooting films of for high end Television clients 4K is over kill.

    At the end of the day these cameras are just tools they are not going to make you better at anything, you are. Meaning buy what you want to buy but at the end of they day its about how you use the tool that matters the most.

  8. Hey Emm just a heads up.

    "The Ninja-2 has been repackaged to appeal to DSLR users. The main recording unit remains unchanged, but the box includes a redesigned docking station, battery, AC mains adaptor, a single battery charger and shims for Canon and Nikon batteries. The Ninja-2 is available for just $695, excluding sales tax."

    So it looks like they will be putting in battery plates for Canon and nikon batteries as well as the stock sony!

    you can pre-order it here if you want to for the $695 price:

    @Shoestring Concerts - I looked at the black magic HyperDeck Shuttle for $327 and its ok for the price.. but the ninja has built in screen for playback, focus peaking, false color, dual battery so u never lose power (assuming you replace the one battery when it dies :P). The ninja at the old price of $1000 wasn't worth it but the new price of $695 is DEF worth a look.

    I am VERY curious on how the footage will look from the 5Dmk3 uncompressed for colorizing.

  9. Shoestring Concerts

    Too little too late

    The only advantage the 5DMIII has over the BM products is that it is available now. once the new BM cameras come out(if there are no major issues) its going to be a huge blow to Canon.

    BM even has a product that competes with Atomos at 1/2 the price

    @Kevin, the HDMI would be uncompressed RAW

  10. pops

    I tried the ninja with my D800. I couldn't justify the cost for the minor quality improvement. I hope those of you that go this direction with your Cannons have a different experience.

  11. Tom

    @ Olphus

    I don't see why they wouldn't. I got my 6D and hoped for the clean HDMI since the day I got it.

  12. +1 on the blackmagic pocket cam. i think any canon updates at this point are too little too late. this from a Canon fan- own the XH A1 and 550D and many of their lenses.

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