Canon 5D Mark III (Body) $600 Discount

If you missed the deal last time, here's a Canon 5D Mark III (Body) for just $2899 Brand new with USA Warranty. That's quite a steal at almost a $600 dollar discount. I've actually purchased a few cameras from this seller before, check it out via eBay (Click Here).
Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame
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20 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III (Body) $600 Discount

  1. bob

    Something very fishy about the whole thing, but Beach Camera is a legit, real store. Still, they are selling this for at least $250 below cost and without any accessories to make money. Would Canon be dumping cameras on the market? Unlikely, especially since this camera was sold out just a couple months ago.

    Curious to hear when these actually start shipping and what people get.

  2. I like how several people keep asking if this is legit without reading the many answers where he states that it is legit. Even in the article he wrote he says he's purchased from this company.

    I ordered one when this deal was first put up by Emm last week. It shipped out and will be here tomorrow. Can't wait!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - It's legit. The retailer is legit. I've purchased several cameras from this retailer before. It comes new in the box, with USA warranty.

  4. Is there any way to check the camera - once purchased - to see if it's all legit? A reference code or something to check with Canon?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Skeptic - The feedback is 99.6% which is incredible! Out of almost 60,000 sales just 200 negative in the last year. It's virtually impossible to please everyone, especially on eBay. I purchased at least three cameras from this company, no problems here and I would buy again.

  6. Yin

    I wonder what all these independent price drops mean?? Maybe Canon reduce their wholesale price to retailers?

    I have a MK II and 7D, but I bought a D800. Nikon has less lens choices but I just got sick of Canon being dumb the last 2 years. So I am going back to Nikon.

  7. Skeptic

    I dont care, look at their feedback and all the problems people have with them. How much is the possible hassle or mistake worth in money? I'd rather spend a little more money and go with someone with better feedback and rep on Ebay. I've seen a lot better sellers out there for around $3000

  8. Emm

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    @sigmund - It's exactly the same camera. There is absolutely no difference, and nobody in the world makes another Canon 5D Mark III in any other form.

  9. Emm,
    what I meant was would it be as the original mark III right? no modifications with built, etc
    Durable Magnesium-Alloy Construction ?


  10. Emm

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    @Johsua S. Lawrence - That seller has almost no feedback and is overseas. I wouldn't recommend purchasing from there.

  11. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but for the price of this camera to slip this early, even sporadically, a seller here a seller there, it only means it's not selling very well. And --I am a Canon shooter-- it shouldn't until Canon wakes up and delivers some value in their cameras.

  12. is this true? rumors says its not metal built?
    can someone who bought this from the last two deals posted months ago give us afeedback if what they got was the same exact thing as how would have bought it in bhphoto?i.e. legit.


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