Canon 5D Mark III Deal Posted Again $2599

[Update] Listing Expired...

Here's that deal everyone keeps waiting for. The best sites I could find have the 5DM3 listed for $2999, but the same eBay seller who blew out 5D Mark IIIs during Black Friday sales has reposted these bodies again for just $2599. These are all Brand New with Canon USA Warranty. These deals usually only last for a few hours at most (click here)

Canon 5D Mark III
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III (Body) Discount

Another deal posted by same seller is the Canon 24-105mm F/4L with Image Stabilzation. This Canon L lens typically lists for around $1200 dollars and the seller has it on a daily deal for just $759 (click here).

canon 24-105mm
find-price-button Canon 24-105mm F/4L with Image Stabilization

14 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III Deal Posted Again $2599

  1. Johnson

    6 days later and I have my mk3 in hands, glad to be apart of the full frame club finally. All is as described, so couldn't be happier!

  2. Tom

    I bought this deal and tonight got an email saying the camera has shipped. Pretty excited to get the MKIII, and sounds like I won't have to wait too long!

  3. MrProducer1906

    Deal has ended. I am glad to hear to hear you had success @Cinesota.

    I am sure you will be find @Goodwill. I am too much of a chicken. I am going with Amazon or B&H. The Amazon Mark III kit deal (24-105mm lens) deal last week, was the best deal I have seen so far!

  4. Cinesota

    Yes mine came in a lens kit box. The 24-105mm zoom had been removed (probably the same lenses they are selling separately). I wouldn't worry. Everything looks legit.

    As far as the warranty goes, as I mentioned above nothing in the included warranty terms specifies you have to buy the camera from an authorized seller. All you need is a dated proof of purchase to establish the warranty period and a serial number to register the camera (which you can do online, the warranty card isn't needed to register). If these were grey market items then it would be a different story. These are US models and carry US serial numbers so the Canon factory warranty is valid.

    If in doubt, purchase the 3 year Squaretrade warranty ebay offers and you'll still come out ahead.

  5. Goodwill

    I bought one from these guys this morning, but now I'm a bit nervous about it! I've wanted to go full frame for a while though, I'm coming from a 7D. Did yours come in a lens kit box?

  6. MrProducer

    I don't mind being wrong. I thought that canon would only honor warranty service from when the camera is purchased from an authorized canon dealer.

  7. Cinesota

    I got in on the last deal @ $2500. Mine came with a US warranty card but you don't need it to get warranty service. You will need your proof of purchase which they include. It doesn't say anywhere on the warranty card it has to be purchased from a Canon authorized reseller. They did take almost a week to ship mine but they sold 500 of these on the last sale so I think they got back logged. Their customer service is responsive and will get back to you if you have questions. Packaging was iffy. Only a couple of air pillows and the factory box to cushion things. My camera seemed to be fine though. These appear to be 24-105 kits with the zoom lens pulled out. At least that was the case with mine. Otherwise I'm happy with my purchase.

  8. Goodwill

    Do you not get the warranty if you don't have the warranty card? Could you not just send it in if there is a serial number?

  9. I'm guessing --and that's just a guess-- the guy is really pre-selling these cameras. In other words, he doesn't have them in stock, takes the money from say a couple of hundred buyers, then negotiates some kind of wholesale deal, with some distributor, that's how he can afford to give such a big discount. Again, I have no evidence to back this up, but based on the fact that a lot of his feedback mention the same thing, i.e. slow shipping, that is a real possibility. One person has mentioned that it came without a warranty card. For me slow shipping would not be a big deal, I'd wait an extra week or two to save $300. But no warranty card --if that is the case-- if something happens to the camera the first year, you're screwed.

  10. MrProducer1906

    Be careful with this deal. Read the eBay feedback. The 5D Mark III's that they have sold over the last month were shipped late, without the warranty card.

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