Canon 5D Mark III Daily Deal $2599

[Update] Listing Sold Out...

Just hours after posting the Canon 5D Mark III for $2799, another deal shows up bringing the Canon 5D Mark III down to just $2599. This is the lowest price the 5DM3 normally goes when these deals come around. Same seller who offered the deal during Black Friday and another just a few weeks ago. Check it out via eBay (click here)

Canon 5D Mark III
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9 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III Daily Deal $2599

  1. Goodwill

    Just wanted to leave some input on this company also, I ordered this deal the last time it was $2599, was a bit hesitant but couldn't pass up the deal. Well, they shipped the camera right after I ordered it, Ordered on the 12th, came on the 17th, and it came with no problems, with the USA Warranty card and in a Body-Only box. Everything looks good!

  2. Jon

    Who would pay 3099$????
    Just watch... It'll go down to 2500$ or below soon towards the end of 2012 or begining 2013

  3. Andy

    I ordered this deal from bigvalueinc on Sunday and got my camera Tuesday. No problems at all. It came with a US warranty card. It came in a Body-Only box, rather than a stripped kit box. When tested, first shot was named IMG_0001. Looks like everything checked out for me, but I may just have been one of the lucky ones.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Angel - I have not had that same experience, so I can't speak on the seller. I have a few previous articles to the seller with comments from others stating that the order they placed was received without any issues.

  5. Angel

    Por favor Chessycam no ponga mas post sobre este vendedor, tiene muy mala reputación esto no es bueno para usted ni su pagina web.

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