Canon 1Dx Features and Specs

Merging the sports photographers 1D line along with high end studio 1Ds line brought us the latest Canon 1Dx DSLR. Not yet available, but Amazon has already released a 'notify me' page for the new Canon 1Dx DSLR Camera. Some teaser information, 18.1 MP full frame CMOS sensor, Up to 12fps plus 14fps High speed mode, 100-51200 ISO, up to H:204800, 61 point AF system, 100,000 pixel RGB AE metering, Full 1080HD recording up to 29:59 minutes without interruption. If you want to know more or get notified when it becomes available, there's plenty of other specs, features, and pretty pictures of Canon's 1Dx following the link (click here).

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4 thoughts on “Canon 1Dx Features and Specs

  1. I got my 1Dx yesterday. Haven't taken any pictures yet, still reading the manual, but it's a BIG camera. Looking forward to putting it to work.

  2. Fabdex

    Not to nit-pick, but all that info has been available for a few weeks now. What we need to know is: what codec/bitrate. One thing we know is that the HDMI out ain't "clean"...

  3. Carlos

    One very cool thing that I was told at the PDN show in NYC was that ISO 25000 (whatever the number is) is comparable to 6400 in the 5DM2. Which means 6400 which I use a lot would be compared to what? Now I need the $$$ for one.

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