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Not long ago I posted the Gizmo Camera stabilizer that was shipping from Turkey found in this article Just browsing for something else, I happened to run into the Lensse Camera Stabilizer, also coming from Turkey. Not to say it's anything super different in design compared to the Hague or IndieHardware Stabilizer, but normally i'm documenting different options on this website. How did I miss this? Appears sales have been going on for at least four months, the handle appears to be the same design that don't have the same range as a Tiffen Steadicam Merlin. There's two models available from Lensse, a MidX and a MidPro. The difference in the MidPro is a small clamp knob that allows the handle to be moved forward or back.

Above: The MidPro has a handle that slides forward or back to fine tune weight distribution.

Looks well built, price depends on the model but comes in between the Hague MMC and Indiehardware Stabilizer. This one comes in black unlike the Indiehardware, but who knows how much weight it's 'really' going to balance. The handle looks much more comfortable though. Nothing more to say, i'm sure it works the same as the other similar designs. Scratch another camera stabilizer off the list. Here's the link to the Lensse Camera Stabilizers.

Indiehardware Stabilizer

Hague MMC

7 thoughts on “Camera Stabilizer from Turkey

  1. Hello eveyone I just purchased the Lensse MidPro after doing some research and found the MidPro with more fine tuning features then the other same type of styles out there like the Hague and Indiehardware.
    The MidPro works great for small light cameras with wide lenses that need to be mounted near the front of stabilizer. The adjustable gimble and rear weights allow easy balancing. The MidPro even comes with a iphone or PDA mount.

  2. manuele

    i just received and tested. I spent lot of time to find the right setting. I used all the weights included. I think it's ok but maybve the Hague MMC is a bit better.

  3. I emailed them twice about the weight it will support. the indiehardware still has the upper hand due to it being able to support the weight of 7D with the heavier weights they can provide. The seller of this insists that it WILL NOT support the weight of 7D. so for all of us that have heavier cameras+lens+battery, you'll have to pass on this.

  4. Duff

    The gimbal looks similar to the Hague MMC, which makes me wonder.....

    I think I'm going to get the Indiehardware Stabilizer, do the recent handle mod you posted, and paint it black with appliance epoxy (as you suggested in another post). Go Cheeycam!

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