CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE + PilotFly H1 + NEBULA 4000 Comparisons

Here's a video going over some of the feature of the new CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE, PilotFly H1+, and Nebula 4000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizers. Let me start by letting you know there are no sample videos from these gimbals. So you don't have to waste your time here.

At this time, I see no reason making a comparison video for each one since each of these are very capable of providing very stable footage. It depends highly on your camera + lens choice, PID tuning, and balance. So regardless which gimbal you choose, you can technically end up with similar results. In this video i'm mainly going over the design and features of the CAME-SINGLE and PilotFly H1+.

Starting with the NEBULA 4000, it's definitely outdated compared to the other two and not as easy to balance. But if you're on a tight budget, the Nebula 4000 has gone down in price and many used systems for auction (here).

If you're looking for something more current, and running the latest gimbal software, your best bet would probably be between the PilotFly H1+ and CAME-SINGLE, so let's first go over some of the similarities.

pilotfly h1 vs came-tv came-single came single gimbal

Gimbal Controller
Both gimbals are running 32 Bit Dual IMUs and full 3-axis stabilization. Both offer an On/OFF button and a separate button for you to change modes / profiles. You can customize your profiles through the Basecam software.

Accessory Mounts
Both the PilotFly H1+ and CAME-SINGLE have a threaded mount under the handle for you to attach the system to a monopod, which is handy when getting elevated shots. The H1+ has a single 1/4" thread while the CAME-SINGLE has both a 1/4" and 3/8". The CAME-SINGLE also has one more 1/4" thread on the side of the handle for mounting an additional accessory such as a monitor.

Travel Case
The Pilotfly H1 comes with a soft custom foam cut case. The CAME-SINGLE comes with a medium sized custom foam cut Hard Case.

Physical Size
Comparing the physical size of the gimbal frame, the CAME-SINGLE is capable of supporting larger cameras than the H1. So if you have a compact camera, the Pilotfly H1+ looks like a great option. If you want to play around with different camera and lens combinations, the CAME-SINGLE would be more flexible. The CAME-TV is about 14 ounces heavier than the PilotFly H1+.

CAME-SINGLE (left) vs PilotFly H1+ (right)
CAME-SINGLE GH4 A7s Gimbal PilotFly H1 Gimbal GH4

CAME-SINGLE Gimbal PilotFly H1 Gimbal

Inverted Mode
The PilotFly can be used 'inverted' (upside down), while the CAME-SINGLE cannot be used inverted. The handle must remain below the gimbal frame.

PID Tuning
The PilotFly has Bluetooth built in so you can change the PID wirelessly with an Android device. The CAME-SINGLE does not have bluetooth, and needs to be reprogrammed using a USB cable to a computer or Windows Tablet.

Balancing Adjustments
The PilotFly H1+ requires a hex tool to make adjustments while balancing, while the CAME-SINGLE is completely tool-less and also offers a quick-release camera plate.

Battery Power
The PilotFly H1+ has an internal rechargeable battery which should be fine if you don't need to fly all day and have the down-time to recharge. This could be a problem if you can't afford to set the H1 aside to recharge during the day. The CAME-SINGLE uses (2) 18650 rechargeable batteries, and allows you to swap them out as needed so you have no limitations. The system comes with (4) batteries so you'll already have one spare set.

Joystick Controls
The PilotFly H1+ only offers a Single-Axis Joystick so you can only control one axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw) at a time. The CAME-SINGLE offers a Two-Axis Joystick so you can choose to control two different axis (Pan + Tilt, Tilt + Roll, Pan + Roll, etc.).

Brushless Motors
The CAME-SINGLE has encoders built in with the motors. This is similar to how the DJI Ronin tracks it's motor positions. This feature is new in 2015 for Alexmos based gimbals, and the CAME-SINGLE has this already built in. The ability to quickly change camera position on the CAME-SINGLE can be handy in the field, especially when you need to adjust your horizon. To adjust the horizon on the H1 would take a bit more effort. The software for gimbals with encoders could only get better for more stable systems. Since the PilotFly H1+ does not have encoders built in, future firmware improvements cannot be applied to the H1+.

My Thoughts
Overall the CAME-SINGLE has more advantages except for the fact that it's 14 ounces heavier, and cannot travel as compact as the PilotFly H1+. Essentially you can achieve similar results between both. For those working with smaller and lighter camera setups, the H1+ may be more appealing. Keep in mind that smaller setups can be used with either system, if you don't mind the size difference. Larger camera setups should definitely look more towards the CAME-SINGLE.

CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE 32 Bit Dual IMU Gimbal w/ Encoders
PilotFly H1+ 32 Bit Dual IMU Gimbal




81 thoughts on “CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE + PilotFly H1 + NEBULA 4000 Comparisons

  1. Since posting this blog back in 2015 - it seems like not THAT much has changed. Previous to servo motors, there were all sorts of shapes and types of stabilizers (glidecam with the shaft, steadicam merlin with the curve, then there were stabilized monopods, shoulder rigs that converted to a stabilizer).

    Now it seems mostly subtle improvements in:
    1) software tuning and reliability
    2) heavier motors for bigger cameras and weight capacity for bigger cameras

    Running across this old post I looked up prices on ebay and was shocked you could find them for under $160 here and there. That is insane!

    It's crazy the video production gear companies have access to now days.


    This product and company are a joke, do not buy anything from them. My Pilotfly H1+ has failed twice in 10 months (same issue), I was told to pay for the second repair and when it came back to me it was broken. The repair has left a screw thread compromised meaning the motor cover will fail. I have been insulted and now I feel like I have been robbed. Below is the post I left on their Facebook wall on the 17/10/2016, you can tell I am angry as this has wasted my time, money and patience:



    Please explain to me why I just spent Β£152 on a "repair" for a product that is under 12 months old, has failed twice and now the "repair" has been returned faulty? The Pilotfly H1+ gimbal has been returned to me with a screw loose which fell onto the floor as I opened the box, this screw can not be tightened which means the thread has been compromised. Is this the quality of product and repair you offer? Your company is a joke, you blame me for tampering with the unit (which was only 2 weeks old when the first problem was found) and now you take money off me and make a "repair" which leads to the product being broken?

    I demand a refund and I urge all customers to be weary of such a dire company. I have been insulted and now I feel like I have been robbed by a incompetent corporation who does not know how to treat creative professionals. I will make sure my thoughts and reviews are heard all over the internet as this is disgusting behavior. I am happy to send anybody the full Facebook chat we have had over the past 10 months so everybody can see how useless you are and how you treat your customers.

    I warn everybody that Pilotfly do not sell quality products, I warn everybody that Pilotfly do not do quality "repairs", I warn everybody that Pilotfly do not have a quality after sales service. This company is a joke, the only thing worse than there products is their service. DO NOT BUY PILOTFLY.

    Below are some pictures I took today, this is the paid "repair" Pilotfly made to my gimbal which is under 12 months old and has failed twice already. You can see the screw is not tight and will not hold the motor cover on, it is only a matter of time before the unit fails again. Please note, the unit had a faulty USB port twice and Pilotfly has the nerve to say I had opened the unit (within 2 weeks of owning the product) and then closed it back up with non-official parts! Clearly their unit is at fault and I get the blame and have to pay. Again, disgusting behavior from a company of thieves and liars.

    A very disappointed, angry and upset customer.


    STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, I can provide any pictures and copies of Pilotfly's communication if you need any proof of how they treat customers.


    I am a professional videographer who uses a Sony A7S, Sony & Canon glass, DJI Drones and a custom i7 GTX1080 64Gig PC rig to produce my work. I will never use Pilotfly again.

  3. Ken

    Pilotfly has just introduced the H2, available for pre-ordering and shipping in 3 weeks:

    Emm, I don't suppose there's any chance that you've had an advance copy and can add anything to what's shown on those pages? I also read on their Facebook page that the QR place is ARCA-compatible, which I believe is a first for any of these single-handle gimbals. The specs sound pretty much perfect for what I was looking for, with the exception of the Li-Po batteries. I wish they'd have used Li-Ons instead, as I have an unreasonable fear of Li-Po's. But if I accept that, this seems to be the one I'm going to get.

  4. Xavier

    Hi Emm,

    Thanks for the great review. Was wondering if you've ever tried or heard of someone using the single with a Canon 5Dm3? maybe with a 50mm or even a 24-70? or would the weight be too much?


  5. Hi Emm, stunning review thank you. Could you please tell me how these gimbals perform from a focus point of view ? I shoot weddings on 2 GH4's and almost always shoot manual focus. when you are moving around and shooting tight and then wide are the cameras struggling to focus or are you supposed to be shooting wide. I use the amazing Z1 Pround gimbal with my GoPro 4k black edition and obviously the GoPros are just constantly in focus so the footage is awesome.The GoPros are rubbish in low light hence why I am nibbling at the Came TV gimbal for indoor use,
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Tim

    @Emm - I have a GH4 + metabones speedbooster + Sigma 30mm which altogether weighs roughly 1.2 kg. Would this be too heavy for the Came Single to perform at it’s best and if so, what problems would I find?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - I would say that setup wouldn't allow the gimbal to perform at it's best. You may run into issues when tilting the camera too far up or down since you have to pull it back so far to balance it properly.

  8. Minh

    Thank you so very much. LOL about the hand. That all i need to know that it will work, the Mini lock is the same as the pistol.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Minh - My hand was purposely in the way, trying to be discreet about it. But to answer your question, it mounts, it locks, and even the joystick works. It just gets awkward when you have to set the unit down somewhere.

  10. Minh

    Thanks emm. They have no problem selling me these parts. I already asked them and they gave me quote but i dont want to buy then find out that it's not compatible or i should have order other parts. Since you have both you can test for me and im going to order parts or you tell me what work and dont work so i can better prepare it.

    I asked them to buy the whole Mini 2 handle include the joystick and the Pan motor lock. The pan motor lock of the single from the pistol grip. What i am worry about is that the Locking is different between the single and the mini 2. If they are the same then it goden. just need the electronic board inside to match up with the single for power and controller.

    So base on the picture, my theory is correct right? sorry your hand kinda in the way.Thank you so very much Emm

  11. Minh

    Emm i love your blog. any time i look for answer or to make a decision bying gears i always go to your site for review thank you so very for all the information.

    I need to ask you a favor since you are the only one who can do it.

    Im looking to have the cametv single mounted to the Dual handle of the mini 2. I asked Cametv but from language barrier i make sure it get the right information from you instead.

    Cam you please test to see if you can mount the Single wihout the battery grip to the CameTV mini2 handle. i want to convert the single to a dual handle when need it and going back to sing when situation require. If it dont work please let me know what dont work so i can find a way to see if i can make it work. if you can do a video that would be great. Thank you Emm

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Art Sanchez - It can, but you just need to make sure you balance it correctly while it's off. Sometimes you have to get creative and add a bit of weight.

  13. I have all three hand held gimbal systems. Using a GH4 and a 12mm lens as well as a 12-35mm lens, I have jitter with all three, which is very obvious when playing back 4k footage. The jitter appears just like what I see on Dave Dougdale's site. He seemed to be unable to get rid of it and has been silent on the matter ever since.

    What is the remedy? Will Warp Stabilizer or any other software remove jitter? My jitter occurs during movement. If the camera is still, there is no jitter. Is Jitter the bad ass secret of all hand held gimbal systems or can it be completely overcome?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @oz - Adding a mic to the shoe on a small gimbal will not allow it to perform at it's best. You may want to look at a larger gimbal.

  15. oz

    I run a separate sound setup but in certain situations will have a Sennheiser G3 or video mic mounted to the hot shoe.

    I am looking to get one of these for my upcoming A7sii and was curious if either unit was louder than the other in terms of operation.

    Also, are there any new contenders I should be aware of?

    Thanks for the review.

  16. David

    My Came-tv Single got delivered today. It took a couple of moments to balance the A7s with the Sony 10-18mm f4. Straight away I was able to fly with very steady shots. No real issues.

    Just one difference from your review. The battery is not replaceable on my version.

    If I were being a bit picky, there's a few things I would change on this to make it the "perfect" device.

    #1. When changing profile, the high pitch confirmation sound is very loud. I'd like to be able to set it either very low or silent. So for now, changing profiles during wedding ceremony is a complete no-no.

    #2. The handle is a little uncomfortable to hold. My hands are not small and It feels quite big in my hands.

    #3. The joystick control should be put on the back beside my thumb rather than on the front of the handle at my index finger.

    #4. I'd like to be able to fly it in inverted mode.

    #5. The supplied mounting plate needs to be used. It would be nice to be able to mount my own plate system but they don't really play well together.

  17. Tony Yates

    Thanks - I missed that mention of the 16-35 on the Came-tv website. On the basis of that I have ordered one today.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony Yates - It will work with A7s and 16-35 FE. There is a video they have on their page that was shot with that setup.

  19. Tony Yates

    I was wondering if I could use the Sony A7S camera with the sony FE 16-35 lens on the Came single. When I weigh it it comes in at around 2.5lbs which is just within the maximum stated in the specs. However I have read elsewhere that the A7S with 16-35 is too heavy for these type of stabilisers.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    #Rafi - I was looking at it, but scared to take things apart right now. It's the only one I have and I have to keep it working (for now).

  21. Rafi

    Hi mrchessycam, can there any option to rotate the rool frame that the gh4 sit on it to be able open flip lcd screen? My be inverted or somthing like that?
    If its can done im100% shure that youthe man to solved it

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Graeme - I think it's too small. Even if you could stuff it and balance it, it wouldn't perform well.

  23. Graeme

    Hey @Emm,
    The Piltofly H1+ says it is rated up to 1200 grams and the GH4+speedbooster+tokina 11-16 weighs in at 1260 grams. Do you think it would be possible to make it fit? or is the chassis just too small.

    Thanks for all the great info

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Derek - It's a pain to remove and replace batteries on the H1+. Your best bet is to get an external battery and just plug it in on the DC input. It makes the whole system bigger and heavier, but it should work with an external battery connected.

  25. vincent

    thks Emm, I know you're giving us so much already, but if you get a chance to test it for us ..., I guessing this RX10II is gonna be a nice rolling b cam for a lot of people.

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @vincent - No I don't think the motors are stronger on the H1+, but both gimbals should work fine with an RX II. When zooming, i'm not sure how it will be affected.

  27. vincent

    Emm, nice job on your review vids, as always !
    do you think that came-ve single would be a nice option for the incredible rx II ?
    what would happen when zooming ?
    is pilotfly h1+ stronger motors than came-tv single ?

  28. Carl

    Is it just me or did both manufacturers drop the ball by not allowing the GH4 monitor to fold out?

  29. Carl

    Emm - thanks for the review. Are either of these Mac compatible? If I don't have a Windows or Android device, could I still calibrate and use them ok?

  30. Steve

    I have a Canon 60D that weighs in at 990 grams with lens. Will the Came Single support this? I saw on some site the Pilotfly would on some site, but I'm interested in the Came.

  31. Arthur7

    Is there any way on the Came single and also the required space to put inside it a bluetooth module so that it can be controlled with a smartphone??

  32. Rayne

    Adding weight would be a good option for now and still allow me to grow into it with a bigger better system in the future. Thanks!

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Rayne - The SINGLE might feel big on a small system, but one person added extra weight to an LX100 as it was too light.

  34. Rayne

    Very informative review. Is there a minimum weight requirement for the CAME-Single? Right now I would just like to use it with a small 300g camcorder. Would that still work?

  35. R-No

    Another couple questions :
    - What power input takes the pilotfly H1+
    - Can you use it wile it's charging/ plugged.


  36. R-No

    Hello Emm,
    Thanks for your test,

    But it looks like the H1+ can be controlled by an android app (when the gimbal is mounted for example) while I haven't found anything like that on the Came-TV.
    Is there any way to remotely control the came-Tv ?

    I just checked out your raw 4minute video and it sounds like we finaly have a gimbal that could perform as well as the ronin. Would love to see some shots running too.

    I am looking for a lighter alternative to Ronin-M for car-mount, to film cyclist and cars.

    best regards,

  37. Emm

    Post author

    @David - Eventually all gimbals will have encoders, but for the MINI you won't see it anytime soon. Perhaps in the next revision which could be a while. Replace a slider? No it can't replace a slider 'exactly', but you'll find it's a new way to move the camera and you'll be happy with those unique movements. I can't recommend a gimbal for you, because it all boils down to the camera and lens setup you have, and what style of shooting you do.

    For me personally, I prefer two handles, but I do like the encoders on the SINGLE.

  38. David

    Do you know if the Cam mini will have encoders? Can this replace a slider movement? and would you recommend mini over the pistol grip type gimbal? Thank you! love your videos!

  39. Great review - got the link from Dave Dugdale's new review - Came vs Pilotfly - I think the changeable batteries and the ease of use for me make the Came the clear winner.

  40. Hi Emm,

    Great review, thank you!! I just pre-ordered the Came-tv single. Where can one order batteries for it? I like to have a few extra for long shooting days.


  41. Emm

    Post author

    @Florian - You can slightly tilt the gimbal backwards so that the motor is not in the way, and then use the joystick to tilt the camera back level. Holding it this way you can easily see the entire screen.

  42. Florian

    Hi Emm,

    when you use the Came Single with the GH4 how well can you see the monitor if you hold the gimbal more or less in front of you? Is the sight blocked by the motor?

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @Ray - High frequency vibrations might be fixed with PID tuning. I'm not sure where you're at now, but try lowering the 'I' and the 'D' settings. I would try to do this with one axis at a time, figure out which one is not happy.

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @Efex - I would have to say around 1kg would be good. I was able to mount a GH4 + metabones speedbooster + Tokina 11-16mm and still be able to tilt the camera without hitting the rear frame. That setup was a bit too heavy for the system to perform at it's best, but it did 'fit' into the frame.

  45. Ray

    Hi Emm, great video, thanks for making it! I have the pilotfly H1+ with a front heavy setup (BMPCC + metabones speedbooster + Sigma 30 mm f 1.4). It's on the heavier side and probably near the payload limits of the pilotfly. No matter what I do, I can't get the pilotfly to NOT go into high freq vibrations on the pitch motor at certain angles. Do you think the Came-TV single will be more effective in this regard (ie does the addition of encoders help)?

  46. Efex

    @emm - can the came single or the mini2 handle a Gh4 with the slightly heavier voightlander lenses (17.5, 25, or 42.5mm )

  47. Fionn

    Hi Emm,

    Another great review. Thank you.

    I'm torn here between the Came single and Pilotfly. H1+
    and am looking forward to seeing the difference the encoders make.

    Your z1 rider setup with the mogopod is very cool.
    It made me wonder whether either of these gimbals could be operated by remote, and one does as far as i can see.

    Pilotfly has an android app which lets you control the 3 axis by using your droids touch screen , and another mode that follows the tilt sensors of the phone.

    It can also be power by an external source. Which kind of evens up the scores.

    For me it comes down to
    came single's encoders coders and carry case
    Pilotfly's android remote functions and low mode ability

    That just leaves the whole tool-less thang.
    Maybe Is it possible to stick hex key thumbscrews onto the h1+
    If they don't get in the way

    All the best

  48. Emm

    Post author

    @Tobyloc - With my GH4 attached it's about 14.25" inches on the hotshoe. 14.5" if you want to be safe, but that's when it's not tilting up (which could take up a bit more height).

  49. Emm

    Post author

    @Jacob - Too late to correct the review in the video to say H1+, but yes it's the H1+ (not H1). The H1 is 8 bit, the H1+ is 32 bit. In the video, I mention several times it's the 32 Bit with Dual IMU sensors, so hopefully that's good enough. I've updated the text in the article if that helps.

    Now going back to the firmware updates, yes there will probably always be firmware updates for all past systems. There are future firmware updates to 8 bit systems, but with 32 bit out, should you buy an 8 bit one? There are gimbals with 1 IMU sensor, and there are gimbals with 2 IMU sensors. Should you invest in a gimbal with 1 or 2? Even though the firmware supports either gimbal, the firmware can take advantage of the extra sensor to make the system more stable.

    Now we will begin to see gimbals with 'encoders'. As I said in the video, you could possibly get the same results from both systems, so It's up to you if you want to invest in a gimbal that has encoders or not.

    Even though new firmware will be released for any system, the more sensors you have available in your gimbal, the more the firmware can take advantage of that extra information to make better decisions for stability.

    The 'encoder' feature is fairly new, so I can see them making firmware updates to include information from 'encoders' that will help the gimbal make better decisions. As that area of gimbal tech evolves, systems without encoders will not be able to benefit from that extra information.

    Let's take a step back and compare that to something easier to understand. Today you can buy a 32 bit system with 1 IMU sensor, and you can buy a 32 bit System with 2 IMU sensors. Over the last year they have really expanded the firmware to take advantage of gimbals with 2 IMU sensors such as 'invert mode', 'detect upside down frame', 'frame angles', etc. So anyone who purchased a system with just 1 IMU sensor could not take advantage of those new features. Not to say the latest firmware doesn't work, you can still use the latest 32 bit firmware on your 1 IMU gimbal, but you just can't take advantage of the features built around having '2 IMU sensors'.

    If you compare that with the new 'encoder' feature, they will still make firmware that supports gimbals without encoders, but as they expand on the features for gimbals 'with encoders', you won't be able to take advantage of those feature sets.

    I used the term 'future proof', as I personally see that all Alexmos based gimbals will have encoders moving forward. Why didn't they have it before? Because the firmware didn't support it. Now that it supports it, I believe every single gimbal moving forward will start to implement this technology. (just like everyone is moving to 2 IMU sensors). This is not something that I think is a phase. It's proven technology in robotics, and even the DJI Ronin has been using this for years. It's something that is exciting in Alexmos gimbals that people can now really start to develop for. It's only going to advance and get better, and I think it's going to move quickly.

    So you can get the H1+, it's a great system and it will offer very stable footage. You'll probably get years out of it and make a lot of money using it for your production. It's just not going to be able to take advantage of the feature sets that will be designed around having encoders (whatever that might be).

  50. Jacob

    Please correct the review to say H1+ instead of H1. They are different products and both are still available.

    I don't quite understand what you are saying about future firmware improvements not applying to the H1+. Firmware development for 32-bit SimpleBGC boards is continuing, with improvements for configurations with and without encoders.

  51. Hi Emm,
    I was wondering if you could measure the height of the Came Single? I can't find any measurement details online and I'm trying to work out if I can fit it and an A7S in a Fig Rig or Halo Rig HD.

  52. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan K. - A vest might be pretty cool, but the problem is this gimbal is for small cameras. So you still may not add enough total weight to load up the ISO arms on the Pilot Vest. If you had a smaller spring loaded arm, that may wnd up working pretty well. With these one handed gimbals, there is not much weight to start put with. I suggest practicing everyday. Eventually you'll carry them longer and longer. I had a hard time with glidecams, but after a few months I could fly a lot longer. If you need to distribute the small weight you could use the threaded mount underneath to add a bar and two handles across.

  53. SWAFJarrad

    Cheers Emm, I'll definitely be learning a bit more before I delve into it then...but if you felt like making a video in the future to something of this effects that would be cool too πŸ˜‰

  54. Dan K.

    Emm, we inherited a Steadicam Pilot system, complete with its vest. I gave up trying to fly my little GH4 on it as the Pilot is simply designed for a much heavier camera.

    Question: do you think the Pilot's vest would be useful for holding up the CAME Single?

    I realize these are "one handed" systems, but, really, how long can you actually hold the thing with your arms, especially if you've also got a monitor attached to it?

    My experience with the 7800 is that exhaustion sets in almost immediately and some kind of overhead support like the Atlas "fishpole" really helped.

    Now, with the Single's bottom mount, it seems it would attach to a vest's arm nicely and extend working time significantly.

    Thanks also for the great setup review. I took delivery of the Single just last night and am going to set it up today. Your video was perfectly timed!

  55. Emm

    Post author

    @SWAFJarrad - Actually that's a typical response from CAME-TV. It's hard to say who has experience with SBGC software, so that's a blanket statement. One wrong change in a setting and the gimbal just won't work. Especially any of the settings with the 'encoders'. When the encoders are mounted to the motors, they are tuned specifically for that unit. If you wipe out your settings, you simply can't download someone else's profile, as the encoder positions could be slightly different.

    For those who don't have any clue about SBGC software who just randomly change settings, and then later ask for support could end up being a Tech Support nightmare. So I can see why they don't advise changing anything.

    Now i'm pretty familiar myself and I know how to make backups of everything before I go around tweaking settings. I also don't expect to ask for any support if I make wrong changes. I actually enjoy failing, as I can learn better from actually making mistakes. Being able to tune something from scratch is a skill I want to be good at. I will be diving into the software this weekend, trying to tune from scratch. I'll report back with my findings.

  56. Hey Emm,

    Could you fly a Sony A7s with the 16-35 f4 lens on the came single and also the Came Mini?

    Thanks as always for your great coverage of new products and technology!

  57. SWAFJarrad

    Hey Guys,

    I got my CAME Single earlier this week and have been posting some videos up on them. Was getting ready to move to tuning the PID settings, I found your videos very helpful in preparing myself but after I messaged CAME-TV I got a reply saying don't change the settings. I specifically was asking about BGC 2.50 but their reply sounded more specific to not changing the software at all or they won't guarantee the unit. Sounds very unusual for a CAME-TV response. You had a play around with the settings yet? I am going to try it tonight but that reply did have me worried...

  58. Emm

    Post author

    @Sherezz - The encoders are not available on the MINI2 or on the 7800. The differences between the two are mainly physical size which limits you to what type of cameras you can use.

  59. Sherezz

    Hi, nice review ... I have a couple of questions :
    is the new encoders feature also available for the came-tv mini2 or the 7800 ? what are the differences between this and the mini2 or 7800 ? is it only the form factor ?

  60. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - With the right lens combination on your camera, you can easily fit an HDMI cable. Your camera body has to be balanced and sit back a bit. If you use a short pancake lens then your camera body will end up moving forward on the platform and you won't be able to fit an HDMI cable.

  61. Emm

    Post author

    @carlos - I mention that it's 32 bit so it's actually the H1+. The H1 is only an 8 bit system.

  62. carlos

    Hi this the Pilotfly H1 or the H1+? I thought the H1 is 8 bit and the H1+ is 32 bit.

  63. T2

    Emm - How do these gimbals perform with an hdmi monitor mounted on the camera? Also, is that a Shogun?


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