CAME-TV ARGO 32bit SBGC Gimbal Stabilizer with Encoder Hardware Product Overview

Here's a product overview of the new CAME-TV CAME-ARGO Gimbal stabilizer which will fly camera setups up to 6 lbs. If you're currently using a CAME-TV 7500/7800 gimbal, the ARGO would support a similar size/weight setup. The difference is this new SBGC powered gimbal also incorporates physical Encoder hardware that makes SBGC gimbals several times more stable and battery efficient.

CAME-TV has been manufacturing and selling more a wide variety of gimbals over several years, and this experience has allowed them to make each new system better over the last. As seen in the video demonstration above, right out of the box the CAME-TV ARGO Gimbal is incredibly stable and moves very the camera very smoothly (video samples coming soon). Build quality feels very solid, but only time can tell how much abuse it will handle during these next few months of use.

Right now the company offers gimbals in various sizes. The CAME-ACTION for GoPro, CAME-SINGLE and CAME-Mini2 for Mirrorless cameras, the 7800 for DSLR sized bodies, and the 8000 for heavier Blackmagic and RED cameras.

As of now only the CAME-ACTION, CAME-SINGLE, and CAME-ARGO have Encoder Hardware (and soon to be released hand held gimbal for Smartphones with Encoders). At some point this year we will see a Mini3, and a larger model to replace the 8000.

The CAME-TV ARGO Gimbal includes a wirelesss joystick, travel hard case, built in wireless video transmitter, 15mm Rod, 15mm clamp, a few other small accessories. Available now following the jump (LINK)

came-tv argo came-argo came-tv argo cametv argo came-argo
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV CAME-ARGO Gimbal Stabilizer

While the case is suffice to prevent scratches and should transport the ARGO safely, the foam will probably deteriorate quickly. Because of the similarity in size and shape, if you're looking for a custom cut foam case that would work with the CAME-TV ARGO, the DJI Ronin-M OEM Case will hold all of the ARGO items (and more) perfectly.

VIEW-ITEM DJI Ronin-M ABS Plastic Suitcase

32 thoughts on “CAME-TV ARGO 32bit SBGC Gimbal Stabilizer with Encoder Hardware Product Overview

  1. Paul Smith

    Hi, I have a huge problem with my argo, even with the cameras perfectly balanced, every time I turn it on it shakes violently. I can't figure out what I've done wrong. I've followed the procedure multiple times, still shakes.
    Any ideas?


  2. I'm thinking I could mount the Elastix ISO arms to a roof rack as well. I just can't decide between the Argo and the Ronin M. Have you tried both of them?
    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. @Rodney Parmenter - Funny you mentioned the Elastix ISO arms. We made a car mount using two of them to the hitch of a car and shot some stuff recently. As far as your question, yes the ARGO can fly a GH4 and A7sII. You can use smaller gimbals for those cameras, but only if you plan on using smaller lenses. If you use lens adapters and full frame lenses, then you'll need something around the size of the ARGO (or Ronin-M) sized gimbals.

  4. Have you mounted this Argo to a car? It looks like you could us the Came-Elastix Gimbal Support Kit and make an interface to mount it... Also, is the Argo the best option for a GH4 or Sony A7Sii? Thanks in advance.

  5. Barry Murphy

    In terms of fitting the FS5... you need a dovetail, like the Ronin-M, with counter weights.

    Cinemilled is currently checking to see if their Ronin-M camera plate is the exact same as the Came Argo camera plate... which we're almost positive it is because it's a legit clone.

    I'll keep the blog posted.


  6. hello,

    Are there any options to mount a mic to a brushless gimbal? I found one mount from dji, just curious if there were others

  7. Cam

    Hi mate. few questions. do you know if you can get roll from out from the flight controls out. pan and tilt works fine but even if activate roll/yaw in the software it just ignores it. Also can you tell me if the mounting plate is exactly same size as the ronins mount?


  8. Tyler

    I know, it's hard to describe... there's a channel along the bottom of the plate so the screw head fits flush with it, but in our case the only screw we received is larger than 1/4" and has a "flip up handle" a D-ring that allows for you to easily turn the screw. As a result, the screw head is larger than the channel when turned a certain direction and only fits if you turn it the right way.

    I was just seeing if this was any kind of common issue. We've had to get some other 1/4" screws and rubber washers from a hardware store to make this work.

  9. @Tyler - There should be a 1/4" one in the plastic bag with the other random pieces. I'm not sure what you mean by lining up a "flip up handle"?

  10. Tyler

    Hey Emm,

    We just received our argo and have a little issue with the quick release plate and the camera screws. It doesn't appear to have come with a 1/4" screw and the larger screw doesn't even fit snug in the bottom of the plate without lining up the flip up handle.

    Did you have any issues with this when you got yours? We might have to find a 1/4" screw and put a rubber washer in there to make it fit right...


  11. @Cam - Yes it uses SBGC controllers. On the side of the Argo gimbals are pins for 'Flight Controller Input'. That's basically where you can attach a receiver from a remote like Futaba. You can get more info from the SBGC website.

  12. Cam

    Hi Emm
    Can you tell me if the Argo has the ability to remote control it with an RC controller (ala ronin) . I have the came-tv single but the bluetooth remote has limited range.

  13. @Johan - I have not tried this feature yet to confirm what works. I will have to try something myself, but I do know they are supposed to be selling a wireless monitor soon to compliment their new gimbals. Because I know these aren't really HD transmitters, I don't expect that the monitor really has to be that good. Resolution will probably be around SD (480p).

  14. Trying to find info about the video transmitter, just order a kit with the wireless follow focus. Now i need to fin out a monitor that works with the transmitter. Found this one

    wonder what version of it that will be the right one. Does any one have a spec over this transmitter. Its the 5.8 band but what channels will it use?

    Is the an online manual some were any one can find?


  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Jérémie - Sure i'll eventually try this feature out, but I know it's not in HD (and I already have some HD transmitters). But the specs for the one on the CAME-TV Gimbal is 5.8 ghz and 720*576 resolution. They have monitors that can receive this signal as it seems similar to FPV stuff used for RC Cars and Drones.

  16. Jérémie

    @Emm - Would be nice to have an article about this because there is not so much information on Came TV website...
    I'd like to find an HDMI video receiver that I can connect to my monitor for a second operator...



  17. Jérémie


    Have you tried to use the included video transmitter ? Do you know any video receiver working with it ?



  18. SteffUp

    Has anyone testet this gimbal with the Sony FS5? Will a stripped down FS5 fit in the Argo Frame?


  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Taiwan Brown - httpss://

  20. Hey Emm, Thanks for the response. I am using the hero 4 black. I was using with the the LCD bacpac attached as well as a Snake River Prototyping ND filter which is light. Once I discovered the problem I took the LCD bacpac off thinking the extra weight may be causing the problem, but it still occurs even with it off. I know nothing of PID settings? That very well could be. How do I tell, and if they were changed, how do I change them back? Hoping to get this fixed ASAP as I am out of country shooting and only have internet for two more days. Thanks again for the help!!!!!

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt Are you using just a standard gopro? Did any of the PID settings get modified?

  22. Matt

    Hey, a little off topic question but really hoping you can help me out! Thanks in advance. I have the came tv action and I am getting micro jitters in all of my footage. And when warp stabilized it actually becomes worse. Have you ever experienced this? Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks!

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @jack Thomas - The C100 is a close fit in here but might have problems when tilting the camera upwards. If you get some modified parts for a Ronin-M like extension tubes, extension quick release (dovetail) plate, that might be a better fit. But you would have to mod the Ronin-M. Here's the extension for the vertical arms (allows you to add taller cameras):

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay - The Ronin-M also has encoders, so now I feel SBGC gimbals are leveling this playing field. I'm not saying this is better than the Ronin-M, but I can say that it is a different way of working with a Gimbal. First, the Ronin-M defaults have 'Smooth Track' enabled (a.k.a follow modes). If you want to disable the tilt follow or pan follow, you need to get into the Bluetooth App to do this. With the ARGO (SBGC) gimbals, you only need to press a button and you can toggle quickly between 5 different profiles. So it's a lot more customizable.

    With the SBGC Gimbals and encoders you can actually quickly reset your center. Just grab the frame, position it for a few seconds, and that will reset the center. With a Ronin-M you have to use the Optional Controller and Bluetooth App. That takes a lot longer.

    Changing the position of your camera angle can be a huge feature if you understand how that works. Like if I wanted to hold the gimbal low, but angle the camera upwards, I can reset the position. With the Ronin-M you have to hold the handles a bit backwards to enable Smooth Tracking and have to continue holding the handles slightly back. That makes it not so ergonomic when running like this. It's hard to make sense until you see this in action, so I will demo this in another video soon.

  25. Jay

    Hi Emm,

    I currently have the Ronin-M and and fairly happy with it. How do you feel this gimbal compares? Does the encoder tech make it more stable in any way? Also curious if you've tried any 4-Axis gimbals and what you might recommend there.


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