Burn Test – Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder

For about $65 dollars, one would think that the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder would be using a very cheap optical element. Seeing how sharp the screen looked through the loupe, I inquired if it was real glass. They stated that it was indeed glass and not your average cheap resin (plastic) element found on other cheap VFs. Of course, instead of just taking their word, I decided to perform a little burn test.

Plastic or resin view finders should have shown signs of damage under similar conditions, while the Kamerar QV-1 element remained completely unscathed. Well if it's not plastic, it sure is pretty damn good. I think there's a decent amount of people already working with this view finder, so what's your feedback about the product? Leave a comment below.

You can find more information about the Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder at the product page (click here).

QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit
QV-1 LCD View Finder + QV-1 Kit with QB-15 Quick Base

40 thoughts on “Burn Test – Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder

  1. Marlene

    I saw a device today, the QV 1 LCD viewfinder and pistol grip for a mirrorless camera. Would these devices work on a Panasonic Lumex FZ 200 which has a lousy viewfinder. Thanks

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Koichi Sakaguchi - One immediate problem with the GH3 grip is that it will relocate the tripod mount off center. If you can correct that, then the VF-4 should be a 'close' fit to the GH3 with battery grip. It's not perfect, but will work.

    To realign the tripod mount on the battery grip, take a look at this article: httpss://cheesycam.com/correct-tripod-mount-alignment-with-gh3-gh4-battery-grip/

  3. impoze

    I used to have the carryspeed VF3 but I found it had too much vignetting. It also added a fair bit of weight to the setup.

    How does this one compare?

  4. JeffD

    I just got this for a Nikon D600. It fits, the optics are good, the diopter adjusts to my eyes which need 1.75X reading glasses, and the magnet mount is ingenius and stable.

    Perfect by my amateur standards, and only $65!

  5. thomearl

    I have the Carry Speed VF3 and it always bugged me that you can't mount anything to the center of the lens once you have the VF bracket on. And also their bracket cuts right into my left hand right where I hold the camera. So I just pulled the trigger on this one, along with the rod kit, hoping I like it better.

  6. Scott

    We use the blue star large ovals on the eyepiece and have been very happy with them. Haven’t had a problem with fogging and I used them on one of our muggiest days this year.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - The main problem is that on the Honu cage the tripod mount is closest towards the rear, so the VF is pushed too far back from the camera. If you could mount it more forward it would work. [Update the new QV-1 M will work httpss://cheesycam.com/kamerar-qv-1-m-lcd-view-finder-for-mirrorless-systems/ ]

  8. @Emm - if this loupe doesn't work with the Honu cage do you happen to know any other that would work? Could the CarrySpeed VF-4 work, if it were modded somehow?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @magetv - The QV-1 does not work with grips, but it does work in certain Manfrotto QR plates (the one for the 501PL). I don't think it work on the Gitzo.

  10. i use the carryspeed VF3 and love it to pieces...only issue i have is that the tripod thread is offset just enough to prevent it from lining up with my kamerar mattebox [or anything on rails...

    looks like the kamerar VF solves that problem by seating into the QR plate...

    does it work with battery grip?
    does it work with the manfrotto and gitzo QR sliding plate adapters?

    if so, maybe i just stop using my battery grips

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Tulio - Not yet, but good guess. I'm actually using a cheaper (prototype) version on my BMPCC right now which when released they say will be around $40 bucks?? It doesn't use a baseplate though, it's using the standard metal frame + magnets, but has the same optics as the QV-1.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @TikTak - I haven't had the fogging issue on this and I took it out for a full weekend. If you have problems stuff like this works too httpss://cheesycam.com/no-fog-lcd-view-finder/

  13. what about fogging with this one? with my viewfinder i noticed a lot of fogging from body heat, which makes it very hard to work with on sunny days.

    are there any fluids to coat the loupe to make it not fog like crazy?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Dennis L. Sorensen - Not sure what camera you have, but yes it's designed for most DSLR bodies so that they can still access the battery door.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - No it will not line up properly on the Honu cage. [Update the new QV-1 M will work on the Honu Cage httpss://cheesycam.com/kamerar-qv-1-m-lcd-view-finder-for-mirrorless-systems/ ]

  16. Oops! I guess the answer is 'no'. They're still working on it. I tried out an LCD finder here in Saigon that looks suspiciously similar to the Kamerar product and sells for about the same price. It was awesome, but wouldn't fit either. How disappointing! I think anyone who would spend $800 for one of those Z finders is nuts, when this is all you need. It's like looking at a movie theater screen.

  17. Hi again Emm.

    Well with the Carry Speed VF-4, can i still get the batteries in and out easy? That's why i love the batterygrip, because it so much easier to change batteries (and of cause the better ergonimics are also nice).

    Still.. the Carry Speed VF-4 is double the price. Then i would rather save the money and get a EVF.

  18. shuki

    @Emm - I'll explain myself better.
    There's that "stock" black rubbery eyecup part on every LCD viewfinder. Relatively, on the Kamerar model, that part is made of very hard rubber (which isn't comfortable). Also, the shape of it felt quite narrow and it rested weird against my eyecup.
    Placing the Bluestar microfiber eye cushion on the Kamerar did not help here. My eye still felt like it rested on a stone.

    I've tested the Zacuto, Varavon & Hoodman models as well in comparison.
    On these models, that stock eyecup piece is too soft (so there's no good resistance when you push your eye against the viewfinder, and it makes a lousy 3rd point of contact). But, when you combine the Bluestar eye cushion onto them, they feel perfect! Not too hard, not too soft. Very comfortable! And this little cushion also helps with absorbing sweat, as well.

    On every other aspect (build quality/magnification), the Kamerar's loupe is great! But its eyecup makes things uncomfortable on my eye, personally 🙂

  19. Teemu

    Emm will this loupe work with GH3 on a Honu cage? I use that awsome cage all the time but would like to attach some VF for it.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @shuki - I'm a little confused by the comment. Are you saying a Blue Star cushion won't work? I think it will work just fine with the Oval Long adding just $7 dollars to the overall price.

  21. shuki

    I've tested a few LCD Viewfinders, and I have to say this Kamerar is a great product, with one annoying thing-
    The eyepiece.

    They are using quite a hard material for the eyepiece, so your eye doesnt feel like its resting on a cushion, but rather resting on a stone. i.e-doesnt feel good!
    I guess Kamerar did this because they were predicting people will not buy that (Bluestar) microfiber eye cushion, to put on their viewfinders, And that's a shame.

    If only Kamerar fixed the shape and material for a softer eye cushioning, then it would be a greater, more comfortable product!

  22. roger

    This viewfinder is better than it has any right to be given the price. It makes my t3i much easier to focus. I love how easy it is to snap on and off and that it fits on my 701Hdv head.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Victor Dizon - Thanks for the amazing positive feedback, i'm sure they are very appreciative of these types of responses.

  24. Our company uses the viewfinder. WE LOVE IT.... however, one of the adjustment hinges broke for unknown reasons.... I emailed Kamerar/CS ... WOW! It got replaced.

    Emm... you work with an amazing company and I am very thankful, on behalf of people who love videography and photography, for your work with the company.

    Our voices certainly gets heard.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @IAP - Unfortunately, it will not work with a BMPCC but there will be another dedicated VF for the BMPC. I have one early version right now that I used at Monterey. I'll see if I can upload pics.

  26. I have 2 of these QV-1's. I had the Zacuto and returned it for a smallHD monitor for low shots and use the Kamerar for everything else...

    Nikon D800 and D600

    Just got the $99.00 24" slider - can't be beat at this price!

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Dennis L. Sorensen - The Carry Speed VF-4 with extension bracket should fit most DSLR body cameras with battery grip. httpss://cheesycam.com/carry-speed-new-vf-4-lcd-view-finder-now-available/

  28. Hmm.. I really need a loupe/viewfinder, but i love to use my batterygrip with my 5Dmk2. But this kamerar does not support it i guess.

    Are there any other afordable viewfinders outthere that support batterygrips?

    The Varavon multifinder does - but at that price i would rather get a EVF.

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