Budget Crane Review and Tips

YouTube member kellyhuffaker throws up a nice (and totally amusing) review of the budget crane I purchased a while back. I've used it only a few times, but didn't get around to sharing much. I like the idea of using the panning bearing (in this video) over a Fluid Head since it saves on cash. You'd need a very large head to support this kind of weight like a Manfrotto 501 or larger. Great job on this video, the tips, and the comedy. [Thanks Kelly]

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21 thoughts on “Budget Crane Review and Tips

  1. Matt

    I put an order in about 3 months ago and got told around 2 months ago that they were shipping that day. Since then they will not respond to my numerous emails asking for a tracking number. I have applied to paypal for a refund but heard nothing there yet either. So I think it's safe to say they have gone out of business! If anyone has any contact details for them I would love to have them.

  2. HDTAY

    Damn it... I missed out. Hows that Pro Am 12 foot crane arm? Its like 250 on their site. Check me out on youtube. Ill post some linx. I got a 7d and hold the cam in my hand, My vids still come out Ok...

  3. spaceflows

    @Kelly - Thanks for the info. Actually, diamond*dolly is sending me their LCD mount for the same $$ as bargain-camera, though I've haven't had a look at diamond's. (gulp) Hope its a good one. If not, I'll pick up the one you have.

    @John- Perhaps the folks at diamond*dolly heard your pains, because my dealings with them have been excellent. Constant contact and they have gone out of their way to answer questions and provide me with very good customer support. Sorry you had such a bad run. Maybe they fired the person you were dealing with!

  4. spaceflows

    @ Kelly - Great video! Helped me get my crane set up (plus, I laughed the whole time... in a good way). Where did you get your LCD monitor mounting bracket?

  5. John

    It's about the principle. They should not even opened their mouth to have me waste my time and gas to go and buy these little things when they have the exact same parts (even the "* Plastic end plugs to eliminate hollow or open pipe ends for a nice finished, completed look. * No exposed extended bolt ends for hand operation safety. Bolt caps" they claimed on their site) that they could send me.

    I still need to get a crane stand and the 360 Pan head...do you think these two combos will work?


    (I'm not sure if this stand takes 3/8" 360 pan head above because it says it's a 1/4" tube?).

    Also where do you get all your weights (20lbs) in Seattle?



  6. @John
    Sorry to hear about that. That is no way for a small business to run. If they forgot peices, they better damn well send you the replacements. If not, the good thing is that the nuts and bolts are fairly cheap. Aside from all the mishaps, how you likin the crane?

  7. John

    This crane company has the worst customer service. Sent me the crane with missing bolts/nuts/washers and told me to go buy the missing parts myself at Home Depot after I sent them the email with a picture. I told them that's not how they fix their problems and they are not responding to my emails anymore...LOL... what a bunch of crooks to deal with.

  8. Randy

    I'm glad I'm not the only one on the welfare budget. I certainly couldn't afford that new L-Series Tokina. Though on the welfare budget I perhaps could afford some red tape for my Canon 50mm f1.8, "thrifty-fifty." That might be my new L-Series lens.

  9. @JToha
    I tried using just the 1/4 to 3/4 adapter by itself, but I found that the panning bearing mount doesnt lay flush with the tripod cuz theres a millimeter of unthreaded area on the adaptor 🙁 So that is the real reason for the riser really.

  10. J Toha

    Video cracks me up lol. Quite impressed with his DIY thoughts. Was thinking maybe just a simple 1/4" - 3/8" would suffice but I I guess he uses the riser to elevate the crane a little higher and possibly give a lil bit of clearance for the crane to 'seesaw'.

  11. spaceflows

    Awesome, Emm! Thanks to you and especially kellyhuffaker and his great video review I've got myself a crane. My girlfriend is going to kill me, but at least I can get a great, dramatic shot of my death scene! 🙂 Can't wait to try it out.

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