BTS A7sII CAME-TV Cage 23″ OSEE Monitor Aputure LED Rode Wireless

In this setup Sony A7sII in CAME-TV Cage, Rode Wireless Filmmaker Kit, SmallHD Monitor (on camera), XEEN Cinema Prime Lenses, Switronix Power Base (power A7sII), OSEE 23" 10bit Monitor Panel, Aputure 672 LED Light Panels (key and fill), CAME-TV 30W LED Fresnels (hair light and background light).

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  1. Emm

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    @Apostolos - We knew we could place the lights very close in this setting, and the Aputure 672 is simple yet a powerful light for this type of setup. We also liked the new Aputure EZ Box with Grid to control the spill. We didn't even need to use 20% of the power from these lights in our setup.

    As for fresnel lights, having the fresnel lens provides greater light range than conventional LED fixtures. You can set the light from a good distance without losing the LED output power/throw. So a small wattage fresnel can have more power at a distance than a more powerful led panel - but the use case is different.

    With our fresnel lens, we held a tight spot light that rimmed over the shoulder and touched over the hair behind our subject. Other panels would just throw light everywhere, and even if you tried to flag it or snoot it, you still may not get the distance than you would with a fresnel lens. Putting heavy LED Panels on a stand is also more to worry about than a small lightweight LED Fresnel spot light.

    We also had another fresnel pointing towards the back diamond plate wall. We were able to again shoot this right up against the background without spilling onto the subject. It's a very subtle light, but made a big difference as opposed to not being there at all.

    You can get more powerful LED Fresnels, but then you have to deal with the physical size of the unit when traveling, and then take away the benefit or running battery power. The smaller LED fresnels require less power and can be run them off a V-mount battery I simply throw on the floor with a long (home made) D-Tap cord.

  2. A couple of questions on the setup.

    1)Are you using the Aputure 672 because of the lack of fan?
    2) That Came fresnel ain't cheap! Can't you achieve the same effect (focused hairlight) with a regular LED light or would it spill too much? How about the Yongnuo YN-216, that looks like a spotlight? Or the shape of the face is irrelevant if there's no lens, like in the fresnel?

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