BlackMagic Design URSA 80fps Lowest Quality 1080p Prores Proxy

I was lucky to get a BlackMagic Design URSA 4K Camera loaner from the, so I decided to take my son out to the park and test it out. The URSA is capable of 4K 80fps, but because 4K 80fps‬ requires a lot of data storage and a very fast card, I had to shoot this video at the lowest possible quality setting in 1080p ProRes Proxy. I also shot the whole piece handheld and my forearms were so cramped afterwards. This is a beast of a camera.

The card I was mainly using was the Atomos 128GB 1.0 CFAST Card which will only work with many of the lower quality and lower framerate settings. Trying other compression settings just continued to have dropped frames, and the only thing that worked well for 80fps was ProRes Proxy in 1080p. For lenses, I only used the Sigma 18-35mm as this is not a full frame sensor camera it works perfectly.

I know this camera is far better than what I can currently get out of it so I'm hoping to get another card that will allow me to shoot at least at 4K Compressed RAW at 80fps. The next step up to utilize more of URSA's power is to shoot with a Lexar 2.0 CFAST Card which is not very cheap.

It's not as bad as I thought it would be shooting with such a heavy camera, but you can check out more specs at the BlackMagic URSA Product Page over at the (click here).

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12 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design URSA 80fps Lowest Quality 1080p Prores Proxy

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - You can get a v-mount quick release plate that can be added to other 'large' fluid heads, but you really should get a strong head to work with this camera.

  2. Rabby

    Any heavy duty Tripod that can handle at least 30 to 35lbs. Can you recommend that is not too expensive, some of the ones I have been searching seems twice more expensive then the camera itself.

    I was told that I will need a new quick Release adaptor that is normally used for broadcasting cameras?


  3. bohus

    I've been shooting with one myself. As I don't have the card yet, I was piping the signal out to an Odyssey 7. Obviously you want the inbuilt recording, but until those cards get more affordable, I think I'll stick with this arrangement... which honestly isn't too bad.

    I wouldn't want to shoulder shoot with this camera, even though it's on par weightwise with the cameras I started out shooting with years ago. I also dislike that there are no HDMI outputs on it at all... so if you've got an HDMI EVF or outboard monitor you like, you have to move on to SDI gear. That's an unfortunate choice.

    I was shooting with URSA on my dolly, and I can say that combo worked great. Looking forward to more monkeying around with the camera soon.

  4. I read another review about it and that reviewer was saying that the huge LCD is worth putting up with the weight. The footage looks good, especially the CGI with the ball going in on every shot. 🙂

  5. B&H has the camera with a Cfast card and a reader. I'm tempted to get it, but I think I'm going to hold off till after NAB.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Casey - With a battery and lens it might be around 25lbs. Its possible to shoulder it, but you may not find the big screen useful when on the shoulder. Better to add an evf.

  7. So I shoot with a Varicam daily. When you say its a beast, are you talking, 25-30 LBS? or what, cause the 4K Varicam once you put on the 4k recording unit is in that range. Also is it shoulderable? Could I shoot a few hours with it on my shoulder? Its got such a sweet price point I just don't know if it would work into my workflow.

  8. Rob S.

    That looks great. Prores LT is still a pretty robust codec. How do you think the footage compares to the regular Black Magic cameras that you use?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Flemming - FCPX. This was just a ProRes file so very straightforward to shoot and edit. If I did RAW, then I would pass it through Davinci.

  10. I am very skeptical about this camera. All this time I have been thinking of it as a joke almost. However, this footage looks pretty good. is good to see a finished piece from you Emm, the shot at 2:09 was pretty cool... Any chance we could see a few still frames with no grade?

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