BlackMagic Design Cinema or Production 4K Camera Cage

Here's a closer look at these BlackMagic-Cinema-Camera-Cage-production-4K1 inexpensive BlackMagic Design Cinema or Production 4K Camera cages. The unit is entirely made from metal and can be mounted fairly quickly to a BMCC camera.

The cage will allow dozens of new mounting points along the sides of the BMCC, but the top threaded plate may be too shallow to use with accessories. There is another version available that offers more mounting points in the handle.

Typically the cage requires the rail clamp to use a quick release plate, but in the video I share a tip on how to add a longer shaft 1/4 QR plate screw. Remember that this particular screw has a longer shaft, so it will be too long to use directly under a camera. Of course there are shorter versions of these screws if you want to replace all your Manfrotto (or other) screws into tool-less types. You can find these Extended-Long-Shaft-D-Ring-Dring-Tripod-Screw-Quick-Release-Plate Extended Shaft D-ring Quick Release screws via eBay (Click Here).

Extended Long Shaft D-Ring Dring Tripod Screw Quick Release Plate
find-price-button D-Ring Extended Shaft Tool-Less QR Plate Screw

17 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Cinema or Production 4K Camera Cage

  1. Toby

    It says above that the cage IS vented, so hopefully will work ok? I'm wondering, in late 2014, if anyone has found a better cheap option than the one above - it sounds perfect!

  2. Sam

    I second the above comment. I am asking the same questions. I am certainly not spending 300 on a cage that's for sure.

  3. I been doing research all morning on a cage for the BMCC not many prices that are not just as much as the camera, $350 for a handle?!?! and thats not only at Zacuto...

    I came across this one on Ebay before I saw the video here but was hesitant do to the fact the BMCC has large vents that need air circulation and the port for the fan, not many cages that adress this with the the exception of the Ikan BlackMagic Base Plate which is only $99 but its not a full cage, I just love that it is perfectly vented.

    Ikan Baseplat for BMCC:

    My second option would be the Contineo BMC Cage at $325 but does not come with rails not a top handle which is an aditional cost of $129 but the top plate seems to be thicker to mount accessories and not gouge the camera as the one Emm reviewed.

    Contineo BMC Cage:

    any input would be highly appreciated, do anyone here own any of these cages / base plates?

    Should I just go with the ePhotoInc Cage with the shallower plates and just mount my monitor and recorder on the sides, are the sides threaded???

    How about over heating issues, I know the holes provide SOME circulation but is it adequate circulation?

    I know these are a lot of question but I have been out of the game for a bit and just received my BMCC and want to rig it out like right now, thank you all in advance.

  4. Brian202020

    I want to note that your long bolt trick did not work for me. Both the cage and BMCC are threaded and the threads did not line up, so I could thread it threw both. I fixed this by drilling out the threads on the cage. It's technically not needed, so it wasn't a big deal. This worked for my Manfrotto plate. I eventually went one step farther. The long D-ring bolt does not fit on the bottom side of my Cartoni tripod plate, so I installed a countersink allen head screw so it was flush with the bottom of the cage yet held it to the camera. I then use normal 1/4 20 plate screws and mount to two other holes on the cage. This works for both my Manfrotto and Cartoni plates now.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Archie - I don't know what type of work you do, but I don't know anyone who isn't happy having the 5D Mark III. It's a camera that can pump out projects fast, easy to operate, great quality, easy post workflow. The BMCC is great, but it takes an investment on a number of accessories and it can be a slow process to edit RAW. Even shooting on ProRes will be huge file sizes. The 5D Mark III is also a top end 'Stills Camera'.

    The GH3 is also a very nice camera to consider and it's inexpensive. When they come out with an MFT SpeedBooster (get a full frame look) that will really breathe new life into the GH3.

  6. Archie

    Looks great!!
    I love my GB-1 cage I bought from Photography & Cinema, any plans from those guys to build Black-magic cages?

    @Emm, I asked you if I should get a 5D Mark III if you remember, and now I am wondering, should I put $3200 on 5D or $3995 on a Blackmagic? I know SSD costs etc will add up but even CF cards that will shoot RAW are expensive (promise I won't ask a camera question again)

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonathan Dear - I don't see why it wouldn't. You can align the bolts to any setting, and you can slide the handle to any position. If I get one of these handles, i'll give it a test.

  8. min

    I have these D ring screws and after a while, the D ring loosens and hangs down so you'd have to push it back up when you want to slide it back into the quick release. It's a bit annoying, anyone have a way of tightening it up again?

  9. Evan

    I like - and its much cheaper the the RedRock Micro cage however question: the RRM cage has vents on the bottom for the fans so it doesn't over heat. I've heard stories of people using a cage, the camera over heats and corrupts the SSD.

  10. Hey Emm. Can you provide a link to the shorter version of those screws that will work with the manfrotto plates? That would be a huge time saver on set.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Tango - The Kamerar Tank Cage was designed for DSLR camera bodies. Although the Tank Cage can work with a BMCC it isn't as tidy or as compact. This one is specifically made for the BMCC. I tried to fit my GH3 in this too, but didn't work.

  12. Tango

    Great video Em. In what way is it better than the Kamerar cage?

    I was planning on buying the Kamerar with the QR Top Handle, but this certainly looks lighter, but I prefer to have rods, so things like monitors don't spin loose.

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