BlackMagic Design Cinema Cameras – In Stock

BlackMagic Design Cinema Cameras are finally available to purchase online. Check it out via Adorama:

blackmagic design
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8 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Cinema Cameras – In Stock

  1. Rich

    I don't think the BMCC is out if date, it is sharper than the pocket camera and the 4k model apparently, plus it has more dynamic range than the 4k. So if you are working for 1080p projects and don't need global shutter then the 2.5k is the better option for the cheaper price.

  2. Mark

    Just got in from nab and the 4k camera is worth the extra amount. I don't think the 2k one will sell miuch more unless they lower the cost 500 or so

  3. Working for anyone? Still appears to be backordered if you add to cart... And who wants this when new cameras were just announced? Amazing that BMCC is still unavailable...

  4. @defiant, I just got word that there is a possible July release date. But we know now how BM production schedule works!

  5. I just cancelled my order! I ordered it in September of last year from B&H and still havent got it! So I cancelled today and I am going to wait until the 4k version is available.

  6. @defiant

    Who's going to buy these now? They just announced their new 4k and compact micro 4/3 cameras at NAB 2013.
    Are they going to discount these cameras? Is it going to take another year before the 4k cams hit the market?

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