B&H Unboxing Video Contest

Above is an example of an unboxing video submitted for the B&H 'unboxing' video contest from YouTube member dangiliana. Pretty self explanatory with very simple requirements.

Another example (above) from Vimeo member Bruce Buck. Fans and customers can capture a short video of a B&H package being unboxed and then share it with their friends. Of course, enter the contest for the chance to win a Canon 5D Mark ll among a few other prizes. I should have a few things coming in soon, and might as well join in. I have a few 'out of the box' (pun intended) unboxing ideas of my own. More information on the B&H Unboxing Video contest can be found following the link (click here).

B&H Photo Video Unboxing Contest

One thought on “B&H Unboxing Video Contest

  1. itsjohnny2

    Oh man this came a week too late. I already opened my 4 packages from B&H last week. They are just making me buy more stuff.

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