Balancing the Kamerar Video Camera Stabilizer

A few people have asked to see how I would go about balancing the Kamerar Video Camera Stabilizer. I have one here today, so I decided to run through the different parts of this stabilize and how to offset the counterweight to level your horizon.

First mount your camera, and then place the Gimbal under the center balance of your camera. Add counterweights to keep your camera upright. If you need to make the lower counterweight heavier, instead of adding more weights, you can slide it lower or mount it on the lower thread. If you have too much weight at the bottom, slide the counterweight upwards or mount it higher. If your camera is leaning to one side, you can swing the counterweight arm in the opposite direction.

There are far better and more advanced stabilizers on the market - this we know. Although the Kamerar doesn't have any of the fine tuning knobs as other more expensive stabilizers, it is possible to get it balanced. As with any stabilizer, including high end ones, it will take several weeks or even months to learn how to balance and how to move around. Don't get frustrated too quickly and just practice practice practice. You can find the Kamerar stabilizer following the link via eBay (click here).

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25 thoughts on “Balancing the Kamerar Video Camera Stabilizer

  1. Scott

    Hey Emm,

    Do you know if they're going to make more of these? I would like to pick one up.


  2. Danny

    My question is, how do you know where to put the gimble? you said you've tested it out and know it's at the one that you've inserted into... how do you arrived at that conclusion? Because the way i'm thinking about it, if you move the gimble around to different slots, there should be other weight / counter weight adjustments that can still make it balanced.... true?

    I feel like because there are 3 variables,
    1. moving the camera back and fourth
    2. moving the gimble
    3. moving the weights...

    there should be multiple configurations to getting the camera to be balanced correct?

  3. Yaniv

    Thanks Emm,
    Will try that.

    But before I need to find a way to re-attach the handle
    as after 5 minutes of play it just stayed in my hand.

    Probably they didn't apply locktight to the thread.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Yaniv - If you are talking about a Pendulum type swing, it's normally due from being too bottom heavy. Raise the weights upwards millimeters at a time to make it less bottom heavy.

  5. Just got mine today after a long shipment,

    Placed my 7D with a 17-55 and could not balance it (but I was impatient so maybe that was the issue).

    Than tried with 7D and 11-16 and could find the almost perfect balance (based on the level bubble).

    Still when walking the mount start to wave left and right in a rhythm that only gain more and more movement.

    Any advice how to prevent it ?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Reji B. - A larger stabilizer would be a better fit for what you're attempting to do. This little stabilizer was designed for lighter setups and to move the camera from point A to point B while minimizing shakiness. I think you may be unsatisfied with this one.

  7. Reji B.

    @Emm Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, the LED light is necessary when shooting video in poor light conditions. In good daylight, I can definitely go without it. My aim is to get it to balance & sit with one hand like Rik did in the video. Two hand operation would be a problem since I don't have a third hand to zoom or pull focus...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Reji B - I don't know if putting an LED on top would work, but it's a two handed operation also. Try centering the camera over the bottom weight.

  9. Reji B

    So I have this same stabilizer for my t2i. I can barely get it to balance with a 96-led light in the hotshoe and a Tamron 28-80. The LED light has 6 AA NiMh batteries in it. I can more or less get the side to side stability, but I can't seem to figure out how to stop it from spinning left-right on the vertical axis. I feel like I've adjusted the weight slider & camera placement in all logical configurations and I can't seem to get it to balance like it does in the video.

  10. Bobby M

    I just received mine to use it with my Nex-7, Sony 18-200 mm... If some one's out there in market with this combination, This stabilizer will not work with the said combination, as the lens willbe wider/bulkier than the body, the camera will not be able to sit on the stabilizer. Thats the challange I am facing now. Could you please release a video on showing tips to use these stabilizers, I know you said it will take few months to get used to, but are there any quick tips to manuer the camera? like side -side or up-down manuer movements while shooting? Any help is appreciated.

  11. urbanvideo

    @ddueck - I'm thinking of one for my NEX 5N, so if you have any thoughts, please share! I'm assuming we'll need to get a quick release plate in order to adjust the side-to-side positioning (and change the fore and aft every time a new lens goes on). Also, is there a thread in the bottom of the handle? Might this benefit from just being heavier?

  12. ddueck

    Just got mine too. NEX-7 is pretty light, so I'm going bare minimum on weight and trying to figure out how I can bulk up the camera body for a bit more leeway.

  13. Just bought one. Now trying to figure out how to balance it. I figured I couldn't go wrong for the long as I can balance it!

  14. ddueck

    This looks pretty awesome and no-nonsense for 90$. I'm ordering one right now for my NEX-7.

  15. Janek

    Damn, this one only ships to US. Does anybody know another seller that ships to EU?

  16. Vert

    @emm @serge I think to save money I'll just have to live with the fact that I'll have to take off the battery grip if I want flycam shots. Oh well, thanks for the advice everyone. However, I'm really liking the Merlin style stabilizers. Do you think this kamerar can handle my t3i with no battery grip?if not which inexpensive Merlin style will do the job?

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Vert - If you can't add enough weight to counter balance, you may need to step up to something larger like the HD2000.

  18. Vert

    I was thinking about removing the battery grip but then I'll have to take it on and off all the time, that seems like a pain. I rather have my equipment all setup so I can go from flycam to monopod to tripod and not have not put the battery grip on and off.

  19. @VERT, How about removing the extra battery grip.
    You want to to make the rig as light as possible and the grip is not only adding bulk in weight but also in height.

  20. Tom

    I guess one general comment for people trying to set up their stabilizers is to not get tempted to put too much weight on the bottom. People tend to assume this will make it more stable but if it is too bottom heavy, it has the opposite effect.

  21. Vert

    I have a flycam nano dslr and for the life of me I cannot get it balanced. I'm using a t3i with battery grip and 50mm 1.8. My question is are the Merlin style stabilizers, such as this one, easier to balance? Should I buy something like this or is the flycam nano dslr really the most appropriate system for my equipment and I just need to keep trying to balance it?What would you buy if you had my setup? Want to keep the price to a minimum also. Thank you so much. Love the site. Keep up the good work.

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