Balancing Panasonic GH4 on CAME-MINI 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Here's a step by step balancing video I shot when the CAME-MINI Gimbal first arrived at the studio. The first camera I attempted to balance was the GH4 + 12-35mm F/2.8 Lens. Without tool-less adjustments and a super compact frame, balancing a camera for the 'first time' may take at least 10-15 minutes.

Now that i've had CAME-MINI Gimbal for more than a week, it's pretty much everything I expected. Feels like great build quality, works very smooth, super portable, lightweight, and compact. But of course with such a compact gimbal, you'll naturally run into limitations of what camera and lens you can actually use. Even though the front mounted frame can be removed to support a slightly taller camera, and a larger lens, this doesn't mean this will be the ideal gimbal for that setup.

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Now i'm sure there will be people attempting all types of heavy setups, and maybe you can prove me wrong, but my general recommendation is that if you have to use a lens adapter this is probably not going to be a good gimbal for you. If you're working with a GH4 | A7s | BMPCC body with a lightweight native lens (that you don't have to swap often), the CAME-MINI Gimbal makes for a great compact stabilizer.

Unlike the even smaller handheld systems, this is of course a 32 bit Dual IMU Sensor gimbal. So it's got all of the latest and greatest firmware for stability and PID tuning. If you have to travel with a more compact size, the entire top handle can be removed from the lower frame, the top handle can be removed, and the side handles can be removed as well.

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The system uses 18650 Batteries, and while I thought this might be a task to get spares, I purchased this set of 18650 Ultrafire batteries + 2 chargers, and they work perfectly. The system runs for about 1 hour on stock batteries, but my set of batteries have double the capacity and i'm hoping they will run for about 2 hours.

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  1. Hugo Horta

    @ Henry in this link: httpss://

    you find a post that has what you're looking... Credit goes to Emm ( httpss:// )

  2. Hugo Horta

    I'll be buying the Version 2 later this month, I would prefer to buy a Tiyaga but it's next to impossible to get one, this will have to do

  3. Henry

    Does anyone can send me the basecam profile of this gimbal?
    I've lost the setting accidentally.

  4. Hi Emm,
    I balanced the roll and the camera lays horizontally, but if I put it diagonally it doesn't stay in place. I tried to adjust the vertical position with the lateral screws, but it didn't work. How did you do that balance?


  5. Hello Emm,

    First of all thank you for your tutorials who are really very interresting.
    I received a Came-mini for a few days and I use it with a Panasonic GH4 with a 12-35 mm. It is quite easy to balance.
    I tried to update the firmware to version 2.50 b3. The Came-mini does not work with this version and I came back on version 2.43 b9.

    I lost the initial profile of the Came-mini. I made the different PID settings but I'm not sure to have the optimal configuration (I'm newbie to gimbal settings). Can you send me a profile for the Came-mini that is adapted to GH4 / 12-35mm.

    Thank you for everything

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Joachim Lindenmann - The Ronin has more mass to it so you're not going to be throwing it around as easy as the came-mini. I'm not sure about you having to shut anything down, unless you didn't balance the gimbal properly and the motor ends up 'missing steps'. The Ronin is a very stable gimbal, but the tradeoff means you have to be willing to travel with the size and handle the weight as you operate it.

  7. @Emm I recently used the Ronin and the footage was way more stable than the Came-Mini's even with very wild movement.

    Is there anything that could cause the Came-Mini to be this unstable that I missed? Also after some time walking it starts to do weird things like knacking sounds and fast up down movements out of nowhere... like the software crashed. I need to shut down the gimbal and wait for several minutes for it o stop.

    Thank you for your help!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Joachim Lindenmann - Footage looks really good, but yes I can see your walking and handholding technique needs more practice to remove the up/down motion. But possibly tuning PID settings for pitch will also smooth it out too. You can make the pitch slower by reducing the 'I' and increasing the 'D' for the pitch axis. But don't do this unless you know what you're doing.

  9. Hello,

    I balanced the CAME-MINI gimbal with GH4 12-35mm 2.8 and after some practice I went yout to shoot some test footage.


    My footage is still very shaky. Do you have any tips what I can improve? Have I balanced it wrong or is my walking technique wrong?

    Somehow I cant get smooth footage out of the CAME-MINI.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards
    Joachim Lindenmann

  10. Halo

    Please make a tutorial video,invert mode setup Came mini.if possible and calibration for Sony A7S.
    Very instructive PRESENTATION,can be installed adaptor quick relice manfrotto 577 ?


  11. David

    Hey Emm,
    Thanks for this, I have been eyeing thing thing for a while.
    Quick note on batts for you. In case you don't find your 2H run time - UltraFires are notorious for often being fake... They will work, but are likely not to have the capacity listed on them.
    The safe bet is Panasonic 3400mAh - many brands use them and rebrand them and if they are not hiding that, then probably you have the right thing. Or just buy them unbranded. Get them with protection so you don't get in trouble if you run them too low or short them in a bag or such.
    Cheers, D.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - If you raise the camera too high it won't balance. Putting a plate will make it top heavy. I don't think that would work.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - The gimbal can compensate for some unbalance, but it would be better to perfectly balance it.

  14. Daniel

    One more question.

    Do you have to rebalance the gimbal if you zoom in/out with the 12-35?

  15. Daniel

    Hey Emm,

    Since you can take the front frame off, is it possible to put a manfrotto quick release plate on the gimbal? Would that be more easy to balance?
    Most likely I will be using the same set up (gh4 and 12mm-35mm).

    Also I have voigtlander lenses. Would it also support the weight as well?


  16. twelli

    @ Paul Hidalgo - I am a newbie too, but found the balancing not that difficult. I am more surprised about how basic the "instruction manual" is, and about the toxic smell of the foam case. Would expect more when buying a product that costs more than 1000 US. Also the stand is not foldable and takes quite a bit of time to assemble. There should be a better solution.

  17. twelli

    @Emm - Thanks, I thought I had to do a calibration of sorts, but since I have no experience, I am a bit reluctant. Don't want to mess up the system. Will try it.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul Hidalgo - Yup, the Tiyaga was designed to be a great compact size. Not too small and not too big. It can support a good amount of cameras and lenses, completely tool-less and super fast to balance. The CAME-MINI is great for certain cameras, but not too many.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Twelli - You may have to calibrate the sensors. I typically add this to my 'Profile 4' so when I click 4 times it goes into calibration mode. I think CAME-TV may have set this in 'long press'. If you hold the joystick profile button down long enough it may go into calibration mode. Hold the camera super steady and everything straight, and when it's done it will be calibrated.

  20. Paul Hidalgo


    Given your pretty good relationship with CameTV, I wonder why they wouldn't be inspired by or take notice of your own compact gimbal the Tiyaga? Which is tool-less and what looks like it's easier to set up. I was highly discouraged about getting this gimbal after watching the video.

    If a really experienced dude such as yourself too a little while to balance the camera, I can't imagine how long it would take a novice like me and how frustrated I would be trying to balance this thing.

    Here's to hoping that CameTV comes out with a tool-less version 2, soon.

  21. Twelli

    I did the balancing with a gh4 and the 12-35 and the motors work fine. The camera, however, is not horizontal after switching on the gimbal. How do I fix that?

  22. Marq

    I'd like to combine this with a Canon 70D and the 24mm STM pancake lens. Think that's light enough?

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