Aputure New Powerful and Slim Light Storm Series LED Video Lighting

Earlier this year at NAB 2015, Aputure introduced a new series of LED Video lights called 'Light Storm'. The Light Storm LED Panels have a dense array of High CRI LED bulbs. By eliminating all of the controls to a separate box, the Light Storm LED Panel itself is designed as a giant heat sink to dissipate heat.

The other benefits of this design are that the main panel remains slim and lightweight so that you don't have to use heavy stands. The separate controller box of the Light Storm LED lights holds a battery mount (v-mount or gold) and with this weight hung low on the stand, you can eliminate the use of sand bags. The controller box also houses the DMX controls, Wireless controls, and power (dimming) options. The system can also be powered via AC wall adapter.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.00.22 PM
Aputure LS1 Light Storm LED Video Lights

There is a Full Panel 'LS1' and Half Panel '1/2w' in the Light Storm series with each available in Single Color (Daylight) or Color Temp Adjustable (Bi-Color). The LS1 is said to output equivalent to a 1K light, while the 1/2w (half panel) is equivalent to a standard 500w light.

APuture LS1 light storm video led lighting
light storm led video lights aputure

The full size Aputure Light Storm Panel LS1 provides the strongest output packing 1536 LED bulbs, but has a narrower pattern compared to the 1/2w. The 1/2w can throw a very wide beam and is built using SMD (surface mount) LED bulbs.

led video light storm 1 2 w half watt
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.03.35 PM

The Aputure Light Storm LED Panels were first introduced back in April, but they are finally available to purchase right now. You can find the new Aputure Light Storm LED Panels starting at under $500 and up (available here).

Aputure LS1s video light storm Aputure LS1c Video Light storm Aputure Light Storm 1:2w
find-price-button Aputure Light Storm LED Video Lights LS1s LS1c and 1/2w Panels

Available on eBay for International Buyers:
aputure light storm 12w
find-price-button Aputure Light Storm LED Video Lights - via eBay

6 thoughts on “Aputure New Powerful and Slim Light Storm Series LED Video Lighting

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mataikan - The Light Storm lights can be powered on V-Mount, but make sure you have a good battery than allows high amp output. The cheaper v-mount batteries may not be able to handle the power requirements.

  2. Brian

    Few things worth noting on the build/construction with the LS1s...

    There is only one knob for the "U-frame" (yolk mount) and it's pretty much a huge pain if you want to remove the entire mount. Small screws, washers, etc. If you're using as-is, this is not a problem. If you're trying to adapt the light into another setup for diffusion or softbox style setup, this may not be the right light for many people. Would take a bit of time and patience to get it right.

    The light itself feels pretty solid. I was shocked, personally. I did not expect the build quality to actually feel as nice as it does. The LEMO cable is similar to the connector used on some wireless audio devices, but the actual cable is MUCH thicker than many (very RED camera system style).

    I do wish there were more "accessories" available. Also would be nice to see the controllers sold separately (somewhere) to be able to change from AB to V without needing adapters.

    Looking for a solution like this for a softbox: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/894540-REG/ikan_ch1459_Chimera_For_ID1000.html

    If anyone has recommendations, please post!

  3. Rob S.

    These look great. Probably one of the best portable LED systems that I've seen so far for the money. Solid aluminum build, noiseless, great mount vs weak tripod socket, V-mount batteries, AC and excellent light quality and quantity. But is there any way to pop this into a softbox Emm? Would be nice to have that option.

  4. brian

    At those prices, I'm not sure it makes sense for me. Different design, but not sure it's any "better" than other panel lighting systems with the controller built in. Maybe it's easier to replace if something breaks?

    Gotta say this - more cables is not really a great idea with lighting. Something about just plugging in power and having the lights work that makes sense. Even the way they're rigging the controller looks like it could end up being an issue with some stands in a fast-paced shooting environment with limited crew.

    Maybe if these were "lighter" (less weight) than other lighting panels it would make sense for a traveling system? Any info on weight for the three varieties?

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