Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless HD Video Transmitter Receiver

Here's a video interview at the Aputure booth during the NAB 2014 show introducing the NEW 60GHZ Aputure Array Trans Wireless Video System. The product release was delayed and only recently has it become available.

Fast forward almost 10 months from the interview, the Array Trans kit is now available (found here) but we've learned a few things about what this kit is able to do and what it can't do. Transmitting over 60GHZ with 16 antennas in both the TX and RX, the unit is fast and clean, BUT it requires a direct line of sight without any obstacles (does not transmit 360 degrees Omnidirectional). The range is also limited to under 80 meters.

So it appears that the Array Trans is going to be targeted for specialized setups in which the camera remains static. Such examples they share is a camera mounted behind a basketball hoop sending a feed back to a live switcher, or in a concert setting where the multi-camera setups remain static. Of course if you have to pan and tilt your camera, just make sure you have the TX mounted off the camera (i.e. on a stand) so that you don't change it's direction. So long as the TX and RX have a direct line of sight without any obstruction, the uncompressed 10 bit 4:2:2 feed should be extremely fast and good enough to record or broadcast from.

The Array Trans does transmit both video and audio if you have to record sound. And while there are some limitations, the price is more affordable than similar systems that can transmit at this quality and range. Available now on both eBay and Amazon (links below).

aputure array trans kit
find-price-button Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless Video Audio over HDMI - Amazon

aputure array trans wireless video hdmi hd
find-price-button Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless Video Audio over HDMI - via eBay

13 thoughts on “Aputure Array Trans 60GHZ Wireless HD Video Transmitter Receiver

  1. Nick

    Excellent, thanks so much for the response!! I can see how this would still be awesome for the price. But for what I am doing, the Connex sounds like the ticket. I was leaning that way anyhow, but this confirms it. How cool this is going to be to have the long battery life of the gh4, the came-optimus gimbal with Connex wireless for live events. Thanks again, keep up the great work!

  2. @Nick - This will work with the ATEM but it needs to be pointing towards each other and be fairly static. It is super directional. So on a gimbal where you move around I can see problems. If your camera angle were on a tripod it would be easy to mount your TX on a light stand pointing to the RX. So as you move your camera the TX and RX remain in static positions.

    Now the Connex is an awesome system and is very reliable, but it does not transmit audio. On my ATEM though, my audio is not from camera. I use different wireless audio sources so I don't care for camera audio and the Connex is perfect.

  3. Nick

    Hi Emm... would this work with the blackmagic atem? I'm hoping to use my gh4 on a gimbal for live wireless. I was debating this, the Connex that you also reviewed, or the came-tv wireless. Thanks!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Aone - I don't think you are able to do this because it has to be a direct line of sight. You can't point it two different directions.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris K. - Beneath the shoe mount of the Array Trans there is also a 1/4-20" thread so you can mount it with a friction arm, ball head, or directly to a tripod or light stand.

  6. Hi CheesyCam guys... Very cool product.

    This reminded me about the DEC wireless remote for focus/aperture pulling EOS lenses on a M43 body. Y'all covered it a while ago when it was announced.

    Do you have any further thoughts on the DEC remotes, now that they're available, and how well does it play with HDMI wireless repeaters like this?

    I am using my GH4 for a feature film shoot (ultra-low-budget indie film in San Jose) and we're already talking about the next film project which might benefit from this option. ('course I'd have to buy/rent Canon glass.) I've been using all of my Voigtlander M43 lenses and am fairly comfortable just pulling focus by hand but this might be an interesting option I'd think about pursuing.

    Thanks for the pointers on the Came TV single gimbal, it's worked out great! This might be a nice option for using the camera on the gimbal, although I'll have to buy/build a short HDMI cable to get the transmitter out of the way of the gimbal! Between this, the DEC, and the Came TV wireless remote, it could make for a very interesting nearly-completely-remote pan/tilt/focus/aperture setup with some serious glass.

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