Aputure 160 LED Video Light + Sony NPF-970 Battery

Here's an interesting find from reader impoze. [Thanks impoze] It's an Aputure 160 LED video light + Sony NPF-970 battery on sale right now for under $19 bucks. The LED light alone is usually over $30 dollars. As pointed out, it's almost cheaper than buying a Sony battery alone. Of course, there's no charger, but you can find many generic chargers for under $6 bucks.

find-price-buttonSony NPF Battery Charger

You can find the combo deal for this Aputure 160 LED light + Sony NPF-970 battery on sale right now + free Economy Shipping on eBay following the link (click here).

find-price-button Aputure Amaran 160 LED Video Light + Sony Sony NP-F970

30 thoughts on “Aputure 160 LED Video Light + Sony NPF-970 Battery

  1. db

    Got no light, but a refund. My guess: the price was a mistake, they never sent anything and tried avoid negative votes by claiming they've sent and resent it until everybody agrees on a refund. Not the best experience, but one can do very much worse...

  2. Attila

    Hi eroded, so we're in the same boots. By the way, did you receive the refund? I have not (well, not yet anyway), so now I'm kinda angry. Very bad experience with this seller, sorry to say, but that's the truth.

  3. eroded

    wtf same deal here

    they have sent a replacement and that hasnt arrived either

    im starting to think the whole thing is a scam

    very dissappointed

    2 months later & no lights

    something tells me they didnt intend to sell these at such a low price & are pretending they haven't arrived when they havent sent them at all :/

  4. Attila

    Yeah, so I was offered a refund, because it did not arrive... too bad, I wanted the light and the grip instead.

  5. I wonder if any of us received the lights, because same story happened with me... never received them, then they offered to resend of refund, of course I wanted them to resend. Oh, and by the way, not only the lights didn't arrive, but a camera grip too. So even if there's a counterfeiting issue with the lights, the grip should have arrived by now... they were a separate order (at least I ordered them separately, but maybe they put the 2 items in one package, who knows). So now I'm waiting for this second package, hopefully it arrives next week.

  6. antonio pantoja

    UPDATE: I never received the lights. They are giving me a refund plus $5 today. 🙁

    I would MUCH rather have the lights. I'm sad

  7. dd_opco

    @antonio pantoja
    Where are you based? Wondering if they didn't leave Hong Kong at all if it's a counterfeiting issue?

    TBH who are the original manufacturers of these lights anyway? They're like a copy of a copy of a copy.

  8. antonio pantoja


    I just emailed them today as well. same story with my order. i have never received it. i ordered 3. they keep telling me to just wait and they will send me a refund if the package doesnt clear customs.


    id MUCH rather have the lights

  9. dd_opco

    Just contacted LinkDelight as it's been a full month since ordering and no sign of light. (Rods arrived a week back) It seems they're having issues with their kit being stopped at customs for copyright infringement.

    (I'm UK based, no confirmation from UK customs that they have my light)

    Not just impoverished film-makers following your posts here.

  10. I bought this a few months ago, when it was $56 or something and I can tell you it has a very strong green cast, next to say a 500 LED light from Fancier. But even with a naked eye you can notice it.

  11. impoze

    wow, featured on cheesycam! feel so honoured haha
    didn't realise it would end so fast and my friend missed out

  12. eroded

    Been searching for the perfect LCD light lately... no idea what to purchase. For 2 x 160 LED lights + 2 x Batteries for under $35 AUD delivered I just had to snap it up!

  13. JustinH

    Jus a question, the battery works with any charger in that ebay Sony NPF charger link u gave right?

  14. sergio

    Lol, from where I come from, a single LED is about 120 USD and the battery is another 40.

    Got 4 of them when I saw this post, seems they are sold out already 😛

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