Another look at a Motorized JuicedLink Slider

Jason from mnwebco shares his DIY motorized mod for the Juicedlink DIY Slider kit and shares a few examples. He basically uses all the same equipment as a previous mod from Vimeo member Gary Bagelman (except for tripod head). If you want a list of all these parts, and further instructions, you can find them at the bottom of the JuicedLink Cookbook page (click here).

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8 thoughts on “Another look at a Motorized JuicedLink Slider

  1. Hey Emm... I built this slider (Gary's version, with Jason's cam straps instead of cable ties)... experiencing extremely weird stuff with my servo motor... I connect battery and controller, and it works perfectly for about 15-20 seconds. Then it seems to "lock up" and turn ever so slightly (basically one tooth/turn)... no matter which way I turn the controller. I know the battery is fine because the exact same thing happens every 30 minutes (I've tested). Any ideas? Straps are tight enough, everything is perfect. It just makes no sense. The thing won't even go horizontally after those first few seconds).

    Nothing is wrong with servo (I opened it up and checked everything). Any ideas? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... thanks man!


  2. dan

    I'm thinking the minimal shakey result may be caused by the belt choice. Notice it has ribs. If that belt was turned around it might resolve the jumpy action.

  3. Norm

    Thanks or sharing your Version of this DIY mod to the Slider! Inspiring,

    Did you modify your attachment points? Going fom Wood to ABS or Metal? Just wondering! I'll be looking for those parts! Take care!

  4. david

    yeah its definitely NOT professional. if you were hired to shoot something the client would absolutely find it unacceptable. when people pay for video projects they want perfection! the problem with video is you can easily become a hoarder with video gear. SO i say i'd rather spend 1k on something i will use versus spending 2-300 bucks on something i will never use. there are so many ways to waste money on video gear, especially on DIY stuff. some DIY stuff is awesome and really a big bang for the money you spend. other stuff is just a total waste of time,energy and money.

  5. john d

    That seems so expensive for something that isnt as versatile as the Konova stuff.

    Yea, also noticed the footage being shaky.

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