Amuse 5″ HDMI LCD with Focus Assist

Amuse 5 Inch HDMI LCD

Amuse releases a 5" DSLR LCD with Focus Assist features that highlight objects in a Silver outline. [Thanks Johnny] It's a bare bones slim video monitor with only one HDMI input and can be powered by a single Canon, Panasonic, or Sony battery.

HDMI LCD Focus Assist

Choose aspect display ratio: switch between 4:3 and 16:9, with Underscan and Peaking features. Display Resolution: 800 x 480 (native 5D res) with a contrast Ratio: 600:1. The Amuse DSLR LCD monitor is about $50 dollars more than what you would find the larger Lilliput 5" HDMi LCD for, but the slim down size and weight might appeal better to some. There's some additional information following the link (click here).

Amuse 5 inch lcd
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17 thoughts on “Amuse 5″ HDMI LCD with Focus Assist

  1. MV

    This is the same monitor that Ikan has rebranded as their own. It's decent and does a solid job. Ultimately, unless someone wants to buy the overpriced products available in the US, the same things are far cheaper overseas - many available on ebay - for a far cheaper price.

  2. John

    Mang i really want to jump on this!
    Just waiting for a review and to see if it is built solid so that it can withstand some rough handling.
    I really like how they give you the option of choosing 2 different battery plates.

    Hopefully the cheesycam effect, doesnt cause the price to skyrocket.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @billybob - That entire forum is talking about a different monitor. It's not the same at all. Same brand but older 7" monitor they are talking about.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jaonlo - HDMI monitors have always been around $150+. There are some really cheap AV displays (no HDMI), which help to remote the live view, but lack features like Focus assist.

  5. I would like to see someone review this through video. I am pretty excited about getting me one of these. I was going to get the lilliput but this monitor looks like it might outweigh lilliput by a small margin. Thanks again for the Great find Emm *Bows Down*

  6. Jaonlo

    Whatever happened to the $40 chinese monitors? Why are they all expensive now? With these prices, I'll just superglue a hotshoe connector on the bottom of my old netbook and hook that puppy up!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Shane - I think you're right that it's been around, but I don't remember other brand names advertising this monitor with the Focus assist feature. Maybe the software has been updated in the Monitor?

  8. Tony

    So does this "upscale" for 5D,Txi,60D? $50 more for the peaking is worth it imo. Agreed, if hdmi-pass-thru was included it'd be even sweeter deal.

  9. Chris

    This looks right up my street but those images are really hard to tell how the peak ratio/focus assist is showing up.

    Any chance of a quick video running through it please, whoever purchased one?

  10. This one has been around under different names for a while now. Ikan, Indipro Tools, etc. They seem to be all the same features and looks-wise, just rebranded to whatever company is selling them. Im thinking of getting one though.

  11. Me too Shawn. Liliput is not bad though, but no peeking. If only this new baby had HDMI loopthrough, it would be a perfect choice for me.

    Great find Emm! Thanks for sharing!

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