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Did you know some at some places it's prohibited to use a tripod? At the same time, those places 'will allow' use of a Monopod. I wonder if the same rules apply to a Click Elite backpack with built in Camera Stand? Click Elite, best known for their camera back packs with built in camera stands are on sale at a whopping 50% off for a limited time on select models. Personally for small bags, I prefer my LowePro setup. Anything heavier, and i'm into a roller bag. But if you've been eyeballing some of the Click Elite multifunctional bags and backpacks, but were less than flattered by their high prices, this could be a small window of opportunity following this link (click here).

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2 thoughts on “50% off ClickElite Bags BackPacks

  1. Hey Emm,

    Have you found any roller packs for gear with large, all-terrain style wheels? I've only ever been able to find ones with the small, airport-friendly wheels, which is great on smooth surfaces, but never elsewhere. Just wondering if you have a review!

  2. Was looking for a small holster bag enough to fit my t2i and 12-24mm tokina lens.
    saw one of these that I liked for forty bucks. figured...that seems like a good price BUT if you scroll down under WHAT OTHER PPL BUY
    there was an awesome small case logic holster for even half the price of that.
    and free shipping from amazon, on special...cost me $23 bucks and I'm happy.

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