360VM Video Camera Slider w/ Crank Pulley

360VM Camera Slider

Anything over a 3ft. slider becomes cumbersome for a small crew, and longer sliders start requiring additional stands to set up. I prefer working with sliders around 3' max. Take a look at this 28" 360VM slider with belt and crank pulley. Yup, similar to that of the V1 Kessler Pocket Dolly which used to sell for upwards of $600+ dollars. A similar CamTree/ProAim version with crank pulley still runs well over $400+. Your most basic IGUS DIY rail at this width could run you about $200+ without the crank setup. That's what makes the price on this 360VM slider pretty competitive with the current offerings. There's absolutely no reason to go with anything much larger, especially for those migrating to smaller camera setups like the new Sony NEX-5n, NEX-7, Olympus EP-3, etc.

Here's a video below that shows the actual 360VM slider in use, and is seen in the video.

Putting a Crank and Pulley on one of IGUS' widest rails was mostly known through Kessler's Pocket Dolly V1.
Some of those videos found here: https://vimeo.com/14222897
Another Example here: https://vimeo.com/14848131

The installed pulley makes it even sweeter for those looking to set up a motorized motion controlled video dolly. A simple motor and reversible PWM speed controller, and you're good to go. The 28" Crank slider can be found on the 360VM.com website here: https://store.360vm.com/product/philly-slider, but there may also be a longer version found here: https://store.360vm.com/product/360-video-camera-slider-38-inch

360VM crank slider
find-price-button 360VM Video Camera Slider with Belt Crank Pulley

23 thoughts on “360VM Video Camera Slider w/ Crank Pulley

  1. david

    the slider is now on sale in ebay.
    but i am affraid to buy it with all the bad reviews.
    dose any body have this slider?

  2. Oleg

    So, would you recommend the 360vm slider vs the Konova slider? I do like the feature of A crank pulley but what about the bearings and lack of in the 360vm slider?

  3. James

    I ordered the slider from ebay a month ago, and I received a tracking number saying that it is shipping from Hong Kong. Still have not received it yet, and they do not answer emails. Is anyone else that ordered one from ebay still waiting for theirs?

  4. tim

    So, i've ordered from them. and was waiting like chris. It seems that they default their shipping to your paypal address, which could be crazy outdated. Being in interactive media for a few years, i can say that's definitely lazy UI. Plus i never received a confirmation email. So when i contacted customer service they said "not our problem, call paypal." But i think it is their shitty check out website (trying to be simplistic for the expense of the customer) and lack of confirmation emails, that led up to this. Chris, their [email protected] email doesn't work. You have to go through their website.

    It's still a 200 dollar equipment!

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  6. I am waiting for the 38'' to come in. Not quite sure when it's going to arrive. Tried contacting customer service to ask. No response yet. Has anyone else ordered one?

  7. Lensdude

    That video has a lot of stop-start motion to it?

    I made my own version of the Igus slider and then added a controllable motor, which adds better smoothness. But I am still not thrilled with it. There is just something about the inherent friction with these things that cannot be overcome in my opinion. I am thinking about trying one of the options that is built with bearings...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @LTdslr - I actually had two Konova sliders. I sold one, and am planning on getting a slider with crank and pulley. Just updated the article with a few video samples.

  9. So has anyone actually used one of these yet? If so is it worth $250 or should i just save up for one with ball bearings.

    Also, does this screw right into the tripod mount? It looked like there was a hole in the center where it would screw in.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @mike_tee_vee - The footage would look very smooth, but it's harder to control consistent movement just handheld. This is where the crank comes in handy. The Konova of course would be able to carry much more weight if you have a very heavy setup.

  11. If it's not a roller bearing, then that's a no-go for me. I've dealt plenty with the "slider" style (no bearings) and they can just be frustrating. I'm definitely still looking into the Konova slider. Props for the belt drive! +1

  12. Ryan

    Looks suspiciously like a couple parts were cloned off the Kessler like the ends and the crank. Can't know for sure from the photos. Even the plate looks a lot like the shaping. Definitely not ball-bearing. I wonder if it performs as buttery smooth as the Kessler though. Anyone try it?

    I still don't regret my Kessler purchase. After having owned a dry friction-based slider I refuse to use another. Always seems like you have to have excellent center weight balance for them to work optimally, vs. for quick setup the Pocket Dolly is on those bearings and doesn't seem to need to be perfectly balanced for ultra-smooth operation.

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