GoPro SmartPhone Compact Camera 360 Rotating Tripod Time Lapse Panning Bases

If you want to make Time Lapse with your GoPro Hero3 or SmartPhones a little more interesting you can add motion. Simple motion can add an entirely new dimension instead of your basic static shot, and this can be done without complicated rigs. With my iPhone i'm using iMotionHD & with my Android phone i'm using an app called DroidLapse. Here's a quick clip (below) I did while out in Monterey, CA using my Samsung Galaxy S4.

The easiest motion is panning, and although there are ways to build DIY contraptions with Egg Timers, today you can find a variety of off-the-shelf versions for under $30 dollars.

Time Lapse Egg Timer GoPro BlackMagic Pocket CinemaEgg Timer GoPro Panning Motiontime lapse panning egg time gh4 camera
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This product is essentially a redesigned Egg Timer as you can still hear ticking and even rings a bell at the end of it's travel. It does offer a female 1/4 thread under the base for a small tripod, and a male 1/4"-20 stud to mount your camera. It is designed for small compact cameras and smart phones, and will rotate 360 degrees in 60 minutes.

You can find this product via eBay (click here).

GoPro Hero3+ Camera Time Lapse
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[Example Flow Mow via YouTube]

If you want something that pans slower, the Flow-Mow product states it takes 120 minutes (2 Hours) to rotate a full 360 degrees and even shows that it's capable of supporting a small mirror less camera (found here).

Flow Mow Time LapseFlow Mow Mirrorless Camera
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  1. Jason

    Yea I did some digging and saw that. I guess I just kinda hoped you found another source or a off brand from china..dang!

  2. Will

    Just super glue a bolt to the base of the ikea egg timer. Good to go perfect for tripods. I have used a mirrorless on the ikea as well.

  3. Chris K.

    wondering if these produce vibrations your camera would pick up (you know, that ticking you hear is a vibration... 😀 ) Does the Flow-Mow tick?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Tulio - Congrats, now mount it to a tripod and then try the same with a mirrorless sized camera. Different strokes for different folks.

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